New Track by TwanBilla Called You on SoundCloud Now

Leroy Beck is Twanbilla, an artist with an ability to weave lyric into verse, he has studied and worked on his skills since he was a kid. He grew up in Harvey, Illinois. Harvey is a town, as Twanbilla puts it, “a murder is just a empty flamin-hot bag on the side of the curb. Where a dollar means the same as a million dollars. And arguments are just a good bye.” This town and the others grouped around Harvey are nicknamed the Village. This background is what pushed him forwards to become the artist that he is today. 

Leroy Beck is an artist who started making music in the 7th grade. He drew his inspiration from a game on the PlayStation,the game was called, MTV Music Generator. Leroy Beck studied the songs on this gaming platform thoroughly. Leroy Beck found his calling in this PlayStation game. Studying how the drums sounded and worked with the other parts of the song, listening to the instrumental segments of the song and how it fitted in with all the other aspects of the piece. He observed the chorus and the vocal portions and his mind came alive with ideas, truly inspired. Leroy Beck continued his intensive study of music through this program until the system gave out with the strain.

He had enjoyed the studies so much, he had overworked the program. In addition, all the music that he had created with the versatile program had been erased when the system gave out.  At that point he became frustrated and wasn’t sure how to continue to pursue his muse. It took him about a year to find a way to express that musical part of him again. Leroy Beck could not hold back that side of himself anymore. He became consumed by his passion again, but this time he was focused on the organization of words. The style of words and organization of syllables create a verse. He studied every style and pattern he could get his hands on. Discovering his own style and developing his skill in weaving lyrics into a song. By his junior year in high school he had truly began to weave the lyrics into songs. He was more confident at that point and thought to become a performer he would need a stage name to define him and set his self apart from the rest. After careful deliberation he chose the stage name Twanbilla.

Twanbilla has been studying music from a young age, perfecting it and enjoying it. He has weaved lyrics from example. He studied using whatever tools were available to him in 7th grade, a PlayStation music program, MTV Music Generator. Then from that point forward his passion drove him to learn more and more. He continued on his path of learning until the point in which he began creating his own art. He chose the stage name Twanbilla and soon after he began writing his own songs. Choosing his words wisely and working off his background and knowledge he weaves high quality songs which any listener would be lucky to witness.

Make sure you take a listen to hot new track You by Twanbilla on SoundCloud now. The track is about relationships and thedifferent struggles individuals go through in relationships. Twanbilla made the song to remind the ladies that this song is about “You.”