New Advances in Sparkler Technology

If you’ve ever celebrated the 4th of July, New Year’s Eve, or even at a birthday party, then chances are you’ve used sparklers before. Sparklers are one of those items that can bring back all sorts of great memories from your childhood and are a timeless tradition that all children love. Until recently, sparklers were only available in two different varieties, gold or color sparklers. At a mere eight to ten inches in length, very little had changed about the design and function of these classic fireworks; until now. As the number of people buying sparklers has increased, the ways that they are being marketed have also multiplied exponentially. What once was considered just a fun childhood novelty has transcended into an entire new industry, which has led to new advances in sparkler technology. Here are some of the latest innovations that will be hitting a store shelf near you very soon.

Smokeless Sparklers

One of the biggest advances that have been made in sparkler technology is to eliminate the smoke that they produce. The benefit of manufacturing sparklers that don’t produce any smoke is that they are able to be used indoors; a feat that opens up a whole slew of new possibilities and markets. Rather than needing to go outside to use your sparklers, now you can use them indoors at events such as weddings, birthdays, or anything else that isn’t taking place outside. On top of that, sparkler companies have removed perchlorates from the mixture per federal law which means sparklers no longer emit harmful fumes as they burn. The result is sparklers that don’t make any visible smoke and also don’t produce any harmful gases that can create negative effects in the human body.

Numbers, Hearts, and Other Shapes

Another huge advance that the sparkler industry has seen in recent years is the ability to form them into new shapes and sizes that were simply not possible to create with the previous technologies. New chemical compounds allows the sparkler compound to adhere to curves in the wire core, so anything their designers can dream up is now able to be achieved. The biggest benefit of having sparklers in a variety of shapes is that you can tailor-make them for all sorts of demographics and situations. For instance, you can make sparklers in the shape of a pony or a fire truck for children’s birthday parties, or in the shape of a heart for w wedding or anniversary party. With this new advance, the possibilities are virtually endless.

Bottle Sparklers

Bottle sparklers are probably the most unique and significant advancement the sparkler industry has seen in a very long time because they completely change the way we think of sparkler altogether. Instead of being a stick with sparkler compound adhered to it, bottle sparklers are more like a small fountain firework that you attach to a bottle. Once lit, they shoot out a small fountain of sparks about eight inches high for burning duration of around thirty seconds. These have become quite popular in the bar and nightclub industry because they highlight certain items such as luxury desserts and bottle service to help owners increase sales and improve the customer’s experience.