NASCAR Issues With Racism

The problem with racism in NASCAR is that it will always be a problem. At some point, the good guys will take control and NASCAR won’t be such a “sports car” mafia and not such a dirty sport anymore.

Because of this, some racers race faster than they should and get into trouble because of their aggressiveness. There are many NASCAR racers who put down the fans and take some of the best drivers that race for other teams.

Because of this, fans don’t like to have NASCAR and the wrong way around. Of course, that is just NASCAR and it would take awhile to catch up. However, that’s another story.

Race fans want to see good racing and wins and championships. However, there is still a lot of work that needs to be done and NASCAR needs to work on things to make racing better.

Racers need to be more aggressive and they need to put some effort into their technique and practice. Otherwise, some racers will lose their edge.

The problem with NASCAR is that racism is still there and this causes major problems. In fact, NASCAR has actually had race issues recently because of this problem.

One of the more recent problems involved a two-time NASCAR Sprint Cup Series champion driver from South Carolina, Curtis Martin. Martin’s team was caught saying that he didn’t believe that African Americans were as quick as whites.

Racers laughed it off and then Martin was pulled from his race and suspended. However, this is still the case and NASCAR are on the right track.

When the fans are so involved in NASCAR, they need to step away for a little bit. They need to allow for the “real world” to step into the arena and see what the sport is really about.

We all know that people race fast and we love to watch. What we don’t like to see is racism and bullying of any kind.

At the end of the day, there should be no race ban at all and I can tell you this because I watch NASCAR everyday. Racers must remember that fans are like family and that they will come out on top in any situation that is presented to them.