N.J Monster Mania Convention Loses Focus

With the commencement of the convention season in the Garden State, one can feel the energy and excitement in New Jersey and the surrounding area. Every year around this time, the state prepares itself for the summer in anticipation of all the events that come along with it. For years, the Garden State has been prominent for family oriented and kid approved happenings in the area. Additionally, families have become accustomed to adhering to a specific budget when attending the local conventions.

Due to the lack of regulation, you can essentially host almost any event in New Jersey if you are financially capable. This, in turn, has transformed the state into a “dumping ground” for conventions that may hinder the average family financially. They have routinely been going out and having a fantastic time all while staying within their budget. However, with the changes occurring today, that is evidently not the case. An ideal example of this is Monster Mania in Cherry Hill.

Usually taking place at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Cherry Hill, Monster Mania began as an event that catered to the people. Unfortunately, it has morphed into a convention with focus on the Dave Hagan family and the quest for selling VIP tickets, which are valued at $150.00 per ticket. Somewhere during this disadvantageous transition, the Hagans may have lost sight of the true meaning of the family oriented convention this was once known to be.

Just with the entrance fee and an autograph, a family can expect to shell out hundreds of dollars. Consequently, this has added to the discontented and shouting fans at recent shows in the lobby of the Crowne Plaza Hotel. At a recent convention for Monster Mania, the Cherry Hill Police and Fire Department were contacted in response to the uproar in the hotel lobby. This shows how the atmosphere has changed at many of these events in the Cherry Hill and New Jersey area.

The Cherry Hill Police Department is known to receive accolades for their service and professionalism. On the contrary, the fire department chief may find it beneficial to make improvements in terms of how to conduct himself in a more competent manner. As a high ranking public official who represents a wealthy county like Cherry Hill, it would behoove him to act as such. It should be noted that it is the tax dollars of the public that pays his salary.

As Cherry Hill and Garden State families prepare for an eventful summer with conventions and other related activities, we must hope that public officials are composed and ready to deal with what comes with the territory. More importantly, as long as promotors like Dave Hagan can reel in monetary C list actors to Monster Mania and associated events in New Jersey, people can expect to pay above normal prices in the 2018 convention season.

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