Music Venue List

Are you an artist with music on iTunes, Apple, Amazon, Spotify, or any other major platform? If so, this is a must have for you. How would you like to perform your music and get paid to do so? And to do it without a manager? Are you interested?

One of the biggest pitfalls for indie artists is not being able to perform their music in front of a live audience. The internet is a great way to get your music heard but performing live is another way to elevate your music career.

Right now, I have composed a list of music festivals and venues that will PAY YOU to perform. All you have to do is get in contact with them. It’s that simple. Well, if you have the list that is.

I have taken months to put these lists together by region in the United States for indie artist to get their music heard and make some money while they do it. For too long major artists have hogged the spotlight but it’s time for more indie artists to get their due respect.

If you know your music is good and your ready this list is for you!

This is a listing of every state in the United States as well as Canada. The list has over 30,000 venues. The list is broken down by genres allowed, if the venue is open mic, and the contact information. You won’t get a better organized list than this.

Use this list to:

Make money

Get your music heard

Gain more fans

Sale more music

Get exposure

You can’t afford not to get these lists.

Performing live opens up the door for tour invites, exposure, getting more fans, making more sales, getting record deals, and so much more.

This list breaks down by city and state where you can perform. It also breaks Canada down as well. If you can travel or not this list is useful for you. If you want to stay local it has listings for you. if you want to take a quick trip you can easily see where you can perform while traveling. Or if you want to book yourself a tour you can do so as well.

If you’re a manager or record label this list is a must have for you to have for your artists.

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