Motorcycle Gear for Today’s Riders

Getting your motorcycle gear just right is important. Motorcycle accessories help to make the ride a little more comfortable and allow you to customize your gear to exactly match your style. Safety gear, of course, should be fitted and stored securely to protect from wear and tear and other road hazards. But what about other gear?

The basic motorcycle gear items include:

Helmets – Even though helmets have become a popular fashion accessory, safety helmets can help to protect your head from dangerous flying debris. This type of helmet protects against head injuries that can occur when riding your motorcycle.

Personal Flotation Device (PFD) – A PFD works as a back-up for riders who have an accident or fall. The PFD can be a life jacket, a rescue device and can also be used to carry small items on your motorcycle.

Clothing – Motorcycle clothing includes protective clothing, goggles, goggles with UV protection, vest, boots, gloves, clothing liners, motorcycle apparel, jackets, pants, vest covers, motorcycle chaps, and more. Always choose the clothing that will best keep you comfortable and safe while riding your motorcycle.

Safety Equipment – This is another key in choosing the proper motorcycle gear for you. Some of the important safety equipment includes: breakaway flag, bike lights, reflective safety vests, seat belts, ignition locks, and emergency radio systems. Just because you are on a motorcycle does not mean you should disregard safety precautions.

Motorcycles – For riders who are in their teens, the best motorcycle for you is a cruiser or an all-around motorcycle. There are many variations of cruisers and it depends on the rider’s needs.

Classic Cruiser – A classic cruiser has many of the features of an off-road motorcycle, such as kickstand, leather seating, and multiple color choices. It also has a long-lasting design. A classic cruiser can be rented or purchased depending on the situation.

Street Cruiser – A street cruiser is a more lightweight cruiser that is more practical for city use. It is comparable to a street motorcycle but typically weighs less. These bikes come in black or silver and sport a much smaller and more compact appearance.

All-Around Cruiser – It is a versatile motorcycle that can handle off-road use as well as smooth city rides. It has been around since the 1950s and is still one of the most popular motorcycles available today.

Off-Road Cruiser – An off-road cruiser has many of the same features as a cruiser, except it can be a little more comfortable and convenient for urban and suburban streets. These types of cruisers are usually equipped with a powerful engine and good suspension, giving them a solid ride.

Trike – Many people like the look of street cruisers, but they want to go farther. These trikes are built to offer a solid ride and added convenience. It is also important to know that these bikes are very popular among riders who need to commute and find the portability of their cruiser to be a huge advantage. To get the best motorcycle gear shop at Top New Motorcycles.