“Millionaire by Choice” by New Author Shveta Natu Wins the Best Rising Author Award

Shveta Natu, the author of Millionaire by Choice has won the Best Rising Author Award. The book was mainly based on Abhijit Kulkarni’s journey, and it is now available in Amazon.com.

Millionaire by Choice was written by Shveta Natu, bringing the reader to the journey of Abhijit Kulkarni who entered into the strange territory of Forex market back in 2008. Abhijit quits his secured job during that time while struggling studying the Forex market. Today, he built an empire that is now famously recognized as Wealth Planet. Abhijit was able to manage this in a very short time, and his story will surely inspire many youngsters around the world, especially those people who are seeking money from a different point of view.

Playing the role as the COO of Wealth Planet, Shveta Natu created her ever-first book on an Indian Forex trader who has been successful and unswerving for a very long time. Shveta decided to write this story so everyone will be aware of how Abhijit become successful in his chosen field. She witnessed how his friend experienced the struggles from his early days to become flourishing as a Forex trader, as a fund manager and a mentor to global clients.

Six years ago, she encouraged Abhijit to create the story of his life. However, Abhijit wasn’t ready at that moment. Abhijit thought his story wasn’t inspiring enough to share to everyone. He wanted to achieve remarkable milestones in his life. After several years of waiting, Shevta finally got the chance to share this story with the whole world.

After long waiting, she finally convinced Abhijit and thoughtfully captured his journey with her amazing writing talents in her first-ever book ‘Millionaire by Choice.” Apart from being a friend, a COO, and a successful forex trader, Shevta was the right person to pen down her friend’s whole story.

Shveta is currently working as COO in Wealth Planet. She holds a master’s degree in Statistics from the University of Pune and has known Abhijit from the past seven years. She is always fond of fiction literature, and she used to write small fiction articles. Writing this masterpiece is her first attempt to write some sort of biography.

Apart from winning the Best Rising Author Award, there’s another great news to celebrate. Abhijit’s company, Wealth Planet, will also bringing home the Best Managed Account Provider Company in September 2019 Award. In India, running a Forex trading business is considered very complicated. His company started back in 2016 from India as a small company. Today, the organization is successfully managing funds of approximately $30 billion based on their continuous performance. Starting from humble beginnings, the forex managed account company has more than 8,000 investors from 49 different countries and 10 institutional investors.

Shveta Natu’s book was released already and is now available on Amazon. It’s also available in paperback and Kindle edition.