Middle East Entrepreneur Of The Year For Small Business December 2019

Through our Entrepreneur program, we congratulate the determined, ambitious and persistent entrepreneurs whose endless ambitions bring positive changes to our world.

Today we want to announce our Middle East Entrepreneur Of The Year For Small Business For December 2019, Mister Ahmed Abdelhamid for his company EduCav Group.

Mr. Ahmed Abdelhamid is a great representation of the great things humanity is capable of doing. But to build EduCav Group has taken persistence and a strong desire to do something incredible that’s free of doubt or free.

Only a special kind of leader could be able to handle and ignore the critics and transform the lives of so many international students that thanks to Educav Group have been able to manage and grow their business fast.

This is the main reason why we called Mr. Ahmed Abdelhamid determined, ambitious and persistent and recognize him as the Middle East Entrepreneur Of The Year For Small Business. Thanks to his ambition he had delivered innovation and prosperity to many people from all places.

EduCav Group is an educational consultancy and international student recruitment service specializing in Egypt. Their headquarters are in London and their consultancy-cum-recruitment services offer consulting services for the United States of America, United Kingdom, Canada and European universities, and Global Education providers.

Their newest launched project targets the Middle East and North Africa, running the operations from their offices in Cairo, Egypt.

EduCav Group is considered one of the most effective recruitment agency for international students. They are situated directly in the heart of London to help students from all parts of the world as they have the knowledge and expertise when it comes to international student placement.

EduCav have programs with a specific purpose and that is to help and assist students being recruited in the United Kingdom, by helping them with part-time jobs, internships, summer jobs, and graduate positions with the only intention of immersing students in their chosen career.

The best thing is that EduCav Group has the resources and counseling available to make sure that all placements are legitimate, relevant, and with only the best institutions.

Studying overseas can be overwhelming and it requires planning and organization that’s why Educav services include CV writing and essay writing assistance to career placement and they help you get settled in your new location.

Mister Ahmed Abdelhamid’s goal is to help students accomplish their dreams overseas that’s why every aspect is understood and manage by professionals at EduCav group.

The amazing thing is that the international student doesn’t have to worry about all of the paperwork and formalities involved as they are taken care of by the specialists at EduCav, so it is completely hassle-free.

Being awarded as the Middle East Entrepreneur of the Year For Small Business is a great achievement as it is only given to people who have made a significant difference in the lives of many people.

From the beginning, Mister Ahmed Abdelhamid’s vision was to connect the middle east with eastern academic advancement to achieve prosperity worldwide. These days Mr. Ahmed Abdelhamid, home country Egypt, is trying to invest in education and research using experts from all over the world, especially from the United Kingdom. A government initiative that Mr. Abdelhamid wants to take advantage of to bring more opportunities to students in Egypt. 

All that EduCav Group wants is to give students the skills they need for success. Education gives us an understanding of the world around us and offers us an opportunity to use that knowledge wisely. As Malcolm X so wisely said:

“Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.”

The award only goes to those businesses that encourage entrepreneurial activity and help those who want to spread their vision, and leadership among others.

The WorldideTweets Global Awards Program was created to congratulate and motivate people, like Mr. Ahmed Abdelhamid, who build a business that helps students start their business fast so they can achieve their maximum potential to be profitable and successful.