Martin Luther King Jr. Self-Portrait – The Letter

I am not one of those who believe that Martin Luther King Jr. did not write the letter. I do, however, believe that those that call him a liar over something written in his own handwriting are not being honest and truthful.

These persons often use the famous quote “in the beginning was the word” to describe this self-portrait. They go so far as to say that it is proof that he didn’t write it. Well, they’re absolutely wrong. And those people who think otherwise, should give this self-portrait a read!

There is no huge conspiracy out there to get the world to disregard the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. He has been misunderstood by the press and folks who weren’t even alive during his time. He could have written any number of different things, had he so desired to, but in a world where it is impossible to forget, or pretend, there is not going to be a reaction to this.

But does anyone remember the name Michael Brown? Does anyone remember how a kid is shot to death by police for pulling a package out of his own mother’s dresser? Does anyone remember the Ferguson riots?

Do you remember President Obama’s remarks at a ceremony in Nigeria to honor former Nigerian leader Muammar Gadhafi, when he blamed a peaceful protest against human rights abuses by Gadhafi for the deaths of hundreds of innocent civilians? Then there was that infamous picture of the Egyptian pop singer that went around the world went crazy over her looks.

Was Sia overrating herself? Did she break up with Brad Pitt? Was she cheating on Jennifer Aniston?

King’s widow and daughter both tweeted the same photo of King to my surprise. They were very careful not to mention the letters I’m guessing because they knew the media would go nuts. And do we remember what happened to Diana, Princess of Wales, when she got to kiss the Pope at the Vatican?

So perhaps the way to view Martin Luther King Jr. writing this letter, is that he wrote it all the same way that he did in the other times and places he met with politicians, business people, ordinary folks, sports stars, celebrities, or royalty, or politicians.

No, the real way to think about this is not the way these people want you to think. It doesn’t matter how they see it, or if you agree with them or don’t agree with them. They were all in that room together, and it was an issue of freedom, and equal rights.

When President Obama visited Africa, he was honoring President Michael Brown, the father of Trayvon Martin. And it was interesting that he chose to thank him for everything that he and his son did to help close the gap between blacks and whites in this country. The media then overplayed it, and he was accused of not being respectful to a black man.

Now, that doesn’t mean that I’m not respectful to a black man, because I’m just being truthful. I believe that is what all men believe, that all men, regardless of color, believe is that one man can make a difference in this world, and even across the entire globe.