Marisa Schmidt Wins Best Freelance Web Development Award

Each year hundreds of web developers in Illinois apply for the best freelance web development award. Only one person wins the title. As 2014 comes to an end, the submission deadline has come and gone. We have officially announced the winner as Marisa Schmidt. Working as a freelance web developer for small businesses, Marisa has made a major contribution in the growth of companies that touch several industries.

Winners are evaluated by a panel of 9 experienced web developers. Contestants are evaluated in the following categories:

  • web design
  • internet marketing
  • graphic design
  • ability to create industry leaders
  • search engine optimization results
  • social media marketing
  • community outreach


“I always envision each client dominating the internet market within their industry when I take them on. I don’t accept clients that are afraid of growth just because it changes their business model. I take on entrepreneurs that embrace change and want to bring their business to a whole new level. They have to be thirsty for it because it will hit them hard. Growing quickly can become just as much of a problem as not having enough customers.” Marisa commented when asked how she does it.

She grew up in Elk Grove Village and now resides in Chicago. In her spare time she volunteers local animal shelters and other various charities. She also coaches youth sports teams for underprivileged children on the south side of Chicago. “I think everyone should take some time and sign up to volunteer somewhere. No matter how busy we get, I can always spare a few hours per month doing something good in the community. It’s also a good way to meet people.”

Marisa is the youngest female to win this award because she is only 33. The past two other females that won the same award over the last 15 years have all been over the age of 50. She is also the second youngest person overall to win this award. Marisa has also produced numerous guided meditations, informational products, eBooks and mp3’s.

With 10 bestselling digital products, Marisa also offers web development services that other developers do not. “Every business has the ability to create some type of digital product to sell. Figuring out what that is and making it successful is another challenge.” She manages the creation of digital products that are designed to bring in a whole new source of revenue. This includes editing, producing, writing, formatting, recording and creating anything that the client requires. Most web developers do not offer this type of service. Congratulations to Marisa Schmidt for her outstanding web development achievements of 2014.