Love Spells

Do you have your eye on someone special and want to make them fall head over heels in love with you but you don’t have a shot? Then you might want to try using a Love Spell. Love Spells have been used for centuries and have worked ever since then.

With this book you will learn the history of Love Spells, how to cast them, and the items and situations you will need. This book will help you manifest the love life you desire. Don’t hesitate on grabbing Love Spells by Maria Bru today.

About The Book:

The book has 10 chapters

The book is 37 pages long

The book comes in multipole formats

The book was published in 2020

The book is written by Maria Bru and expert in love spells

If you’re trying to get someone out of your league or maybe even trying to get the love of your life this book can help.

When you order you get the book in 3 formats. You get it in PDF,. ePub, and .mobi. This allows you to read the book on your computer or eBook reading device.

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