Learning How to Draw a Cartoon

In the English speaking world, there are a lot of talented artists who do great drawings and illustrations. Some of them have gained a lot of attention for their paintings, sketches, and cartoons. to take a look at some of these great cartoonist’s works, it is very important to know how to recognize a good artist from a bad one.

To make it easier, we can break down every cartoons into three broad categories: subject matter cartoons, fictional cartoon, and theme or setting cartoons. Although each cartoon has its own unique features, they all have the common characteristic of focusing on the story, characters, and themes that will be taught in school. For this reason, every student who has already undergone the elementary school years already has an idea of what kind of cartoons they should study and analyze.

For all the students who have learned to read and write, or for those who are already quite accomplished with cursive, they have already gotten a grasp of a few of the common fonts and characters used in various media and literary forms. This can also be considered as a basic knowledge. But for those who don’t have any exposure with them, it would be wise to study some of the most popular ones.

And, it is also helpful to study the details of the cartoon characters in order to grasp the basic design elements. This includes their shapes, the proportions of their bodies, the sizes of their mouths, etc. It is important to look at the details of each cartoon so that they will be easier to identify in the end. All these are very important if you want to learn how to draw a cartoon.

Once you have a rough idea about the cartoon characters, you can now focus on the background. Remember that the drawing should be able to represent the entire picture. The character and the background must go hand in hand so that you can create an accurate drawing.

It is also important to remember that the coloring and shading of the drawing must match the rest of the drawing. The color should match the basic design of the character, as well as the shade of the background. Too much shading or white coloring will spoil the effect of the picture.

The next step to a successful cartoon is to draw the eye. It is not important to create the perfect eyes; they only have to be realistic enough to express the emotion of the characters in the cartoon. You have to give them enough space to move and to read.

If you want to learn how to draw a cartoon, the next step is to draw a single line to represent the eye and to add a shadow. The eye is usually located just near the middle of the head. The next step is to continue drawing the other parts of the body.

The next step is to add another line to represent the shape of the nose. This is probably the most difficult part of a cartoon to draw. It needs to be exaggerated to emphasize the shape of the face. There is no need to make it too big or too small.

Now that the drawing is finalized, it is time to focus on the expression of the characters. It is not necessary to fully portray every single line of the character. Many cartoon characters do not wear makeup, but it is important to add a bit of the shading to give them a more lively expression.

Finally, there is a circle below the eyes of the cartoon. This represents the pupil and the cornea and is filled with black to highlight the eye. After that, the lines are completed by bringing more shading to bring a nice transition between the eye and the rest of the body.

While learning how to draw a cartoon, it is important to remember that it is not about knowing the formula; it is about learning the steps and making it easier to follow the right direction. Also, it is helpful to practice the strokes, especially the complicated ones to master it faster.