Kobe Bryant’s Best Years

If you are interested in seeing Kobe Bryant’s best years, then you will have to see what happened after his retirement. After that point, he only had a couple of championship teams and all the other great achievements were spent under the weight of the burdens of the spotlight. There was a need for him to focus on himself in order to get rid of the distraction that came with being in the spotlight.

I can remember talking to Kobe Bryant a few months before he announced his retirement. He told me that one of the biggest advantages that comes from retirement is that you can regroup and use your time wisely.

Once you have retired, you can do things that are right for you, such as a great player that understands his limitations and works on how to utilize those limitations to your advantage. That’s what is so great about retiring; you are given the opportunity to reevaluate your life and figure out what is best for you.

The first thing that you need to think about is if there is a potential opportunity to use a different perspective that would allow you to see things differently. A great example of this would be having someone focus on how your children would be affected by your passing away. You could have a team of doctors focus on how you impacted their lives and the impact of your death on them and their families.

Kobe Bryant was able to use his ability to focus on himself to help guide his son to become the player that he has become. I am certain that Kobe Bryant understood how important it was for him to stay focused on himself and not let his ego get in the way of his dreams.

These great minds usually use their experiences to better themselves, to become stronger and more prepared to deal with the world. We all have our own baggage and challenges to face, and retired athlete has plenty of these on their shoulders.

They have made huge sacrifices for everything they have accomplished and at the same time had to endure tremendous amounts of scrutiny. Kobe had to deal with scrutiny in his championship runs while everyone else was being scrutinized just because they won a championship.

Kobe Bryant was able to cope and handle the scrutiny that came with his winning streak. It is likely that he was able to tackle the challenges of life because he had gone through the same as everyone else, and learned from those struggles.

It is amazing how great athletes can get through their careers, and focus on one game at a time but at the same time realize that life is far too short to worry about every little thing. Kobe Bryant is an example of a great mind that realizes the importance of self-awareness.

The truth is that we don’t live long enough to worry about the fact that we will die and don’t matter. But this is a part of life that we must continue to learn.

I believe that Kobe Bryant made the correct decision by retiring from the game. It allowed him to focus on what he could control: his own destiny. We write to say farewell Kobe you are gone but legends live forever.