That Mississippi Sound: Meet Kevin ‘KJ’ Jones

If you were to travel to Jackson, Mississippi and ask anyone to recommend the best recording studio, without a doubt most people would say ’16 Bars’.

There you would meet its engineer and producer Kevin Jones (also known as ‘KJ’) Always the lover of music, he was once asked by his third grade teacher what he wanted to be when he grew up. His reply was that he wanted to be ” a computer operator that deals with music”.

He was just a young boy back then, and computers didn’t do much in those days. His teacher replied that it wasn’t possible for a computer to do that . The other children in the classroom laughed.

Now computers are the centerpiece of 99% of recording studios. Who knew?

These days, Kevin Jones seems to have beat the odds. He has his own recording studio and is a well respected member of the community.

It was like only yesterday that, at the age of 11, the future ‘Mr. Get Your Sound Right’, recorded his cousin’s song “3600 Lampton Street” in his bedroom with only two cassette decks, a Casio keyboard, a homemade microphone and a drum set.

KJ would do his first real recording at the age of 20. The song was called “Hard” by an artist named Pat Boone. “Hard” made it to radio and stayed in rotation for two months on 90.1fm WMPR.

It’s hard for the engineer/producer to recall a time when he didn’t have a recording studio of some sort set up at his home. I’m sure that there are many artists out there who are grateful that ‘Mr. Protools’ kept his dream alive of operating a computer that deals with music. By keeping his dream alive, many others are now able to do the same.