Kanye does it again! #CloneVsKanye

Last night, March 31st 2015, Rapper Kanye West again made headlines by fighting up and coming rapper, DJ Clone from the award winning American Hiphop group, the LEL Brothas.

The dispute heated up backstage at an event in Florida where Kanye West reportedly goaded DJ Clone  into a fight by stating that he “stole” his seat to the new music streaming platform “Tidal.” Apparently DJ Clone had been asked to back the portal until Kanye West, hearing of this, made a move to block DJ Clone from the governing board.

The bad blood started between Kayne West and rapper, DJ Clone, back in June of 2014, when Kanye West attempted to film a music video at Blackrock Castle in Cork, Ireland while on his honeymoon with Kim Kardashian. Kanye reportedly did this knowing that a week later DJ Clone and the LEL Brothas would be filming “Mr. My Way” music video at the same location:


As seen between the following tweets between Blackrock Castle and the LEL Brothas, the issue had became heated in June

Stay tuned for updates and a rumored video of the Melee.