Joe Biden Picks Kamala Harris As His Running Mate

There have been a lot of debates about who will be running for the Democratic nomination for vice president. There are three names that are getting all the media coverage, Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, and Elizabeth Warren. Each of these candidates has their own strong points.

The one thing I am sure of is that people will vote for whoever they want to win the nomination. No one can blame them. The most likely choices for Vice President are Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, and Elizabeth Warren. Of course there are some people who are not quite sure about who they should vote for, but this article will take a look at the top three. After reading it, you will know exactly what to do.

As far as who will win the primary is concerned, Kamala Harris is the front runner in California. She is the only female Democratic candidate, and she has been endorsed by Sen. Barbara Boxer. If she is nominated by the party establishment she will be the next President of the United States. However, if someone like Joe Biden runs against her she could very well steal the primary.

Kamala Harris is young, attractive, and has a good voice. She is not a bigoted person and has been married for over 20 years. She is the most qualified female candidate, but Joe Biden is not.

Joe is a socialist, which is bad enough, but he also believes in government programs. He is a strong supporter of the Iraq war and wants to continue that fighting for the rest of our time in office. This does not sound very Presidential to me.

You may be thinking that being a minority in the Democratic Party is not a problem for Kamala Harris. You would be wrong. Although she is African American, she is running as the nominee of the Democratic Party. If someone like Joe Biden runs against her, there will be no way for her to get the nomination without winning the minority vote. However, if Joe runs against Hillary Clinton they can say that he was able to unite the two different political parties.

One thing that makes Joe an interesting choice to be vice president is that he did a lot of damage to the Clinton campaign in Massachusetts but has since come back and done a lot of good. In fact he has run an aggressive campaign to win the Hispanic voters. I just wonder how much of an effect he has had on his Democratic primary. I hope that he did a great job, but the bottom line is that I do not think he will do a good job if he is chosen to be the Democratic nominee.

Kamala Harris is a better option than Joe, and I think she is a good choice for vice president. She has been endorsed by a few prominent black women, and is a great choice. However, if someone decides to run against her, Elizabeth Warren will probably steal the election. So I really need to decide who to support before the election.

The VP candidate for a Vice President should have plenty of experience. However, if you choose someone like John Edwards or Sarah Palin, there may be an issue with the Veterans Administration and the safety of veterans. It is a bit too soon to choose someone who has not served their time in the military. I would vote for someone who has served in the armed forces first, but it might be a bit premature to put someone like Elizabeth Warren in the position of vice president of the United States of America. I do not think either of those two would be qualified.

One other person that would make a good vice president of the United States of America is Tim Kaine. He has served in the military, was a mayor of Virginia, and has worked his way up the ladder of success in politics. He has lots of experience and has the skills needed to run the entire cabinet of the United States.

I think Obama should pick somebody who has been involved in politics for at least 10 years, has been in the House of Representatives, Senate, or President’s cabinet before. People like Henry Hyde, Barbara Boxer, Al Gore, and Hillary Clinton are all great choices. Hillary has been a public servant for her entire life, and Bill Clinton is the most qualified Vice President in over 100 years. They will make a great team.

Kamala Harris is my favorite choice to be the vice president, but there will always be a big question mark hanging over her head. Her experience does not compare to the experience of Joe or Elizabeth. There is not much that she can do about this but to try and win the minority vote.