James K. Moore‘s Triku: The Collection a new take on the traditional Haiku form of Japanese poetry

Source: http://prlog.org/12313814

Haiku writer James K. Moore, the author behind titles like ‘A Haiku: The Collection’ and ‘Book of Poetry: The Collection’ has penned a new book called ‘Triku: The Collection.’

For readers unfamiliar with what exactly Triku is, it is a new take on the ancient art of Haiku poetry writing that has been invented by James K. Moore himself.

Triku: The Collection has been formatted and categorized in three separate books which contain a total of forty poems based on a variety of different topics such as romance, religion and war. As for what makes Triku different from its parent source Haiku, the former is a more elaborate version of the latter that comprises three separate Haiku poems to create what is known as Triku. The uniqueness of these poems lies in their ability to feel complete as standalones as well as flow intertwined with the theme of the poem itself. Triku sticks to the 5-7-5 format of Haiku and lets the story continue in a way that it provides the reader with more poetic haiku entertainment.

James K. Moore tried to do something different and more enriching by combining his love for Haiku and his creative, poetic skills and the end result was a more challenging form of poetry which he termed as Triku. The author wanted to test himself and see if he was up to the task of penning three haiku poems that were similar enough to continue as the story of that poem but also could serve as wholesome standalone Haiku pieces by themselves. “Writing Triku: The Collection was an experience. Not only was it fun writing it but it was also fun creating it,” states Moore. Triku is available on Kindle as well as in paperback. You can get a copy http://www.amazon.com/Triku-Collection-James-Moore-ebook/dp/B007OCRPJQ/ and experience the newly created version of haiku poetry today.

“It is a very unique and original concept of combining haiku poems in triplets. The complexity of this alone peeked my interest. As an artist myself I can appreciate the uniqueness and also the talent that went into the book. Great job!” states Harry King on GoodReads.

A resident of Chicago, IL, James K. Moore is a businessman, author, and poet who had always considered writing to be his true calling and started working with his passion from the young age. He continues to head MooreSuccess Inc. where he offers services in online marketing for musicians/artists and business owners.