Is Vladimir Putin Making a Big Mistake in His Foreign Policy?

Every Western news agency I follow writes up Vladimir Putin’s latest statements as a “biggest blunder”biggest statement of the day” – but such praise is usually reserved for world leaders who have made mistakes. Putin may well be the only leader around who has made a statement that has directly caused harm to the West.

His famous description of our president, Barack Obama, as a “bright and talented guy” was not a mistake, but rather a way of saying he disagrees with some of the policies being pursued by our leader. Similarly, in 2020, in an interview, he told the media to “mind its own business.” Does this mean the White House was meddling in internal Russian affairs?

He has a long track record of praising politicians from every political spectrum. And he is no different than any other world leader when it comes to his claim that Russia is not as powerful as it should be. At the same time, he did denounce the leadership of Iran and Syria as bad actors and praised their leader.

It is often said that Russia can be ruled, that it is a democracy. However, when it comes to international relations, what is the difference between a dictatorship and a democracy? Does Russia even has a choice?

If you read his statements, you will see that he adheres to an authoritarian mentality that do not allow freedom of speech, of the press, of assembly, of opinion, and of opposition. He is ruthless, uncompromising, and detests dissent and criticism.

Because of this, it is easy to be fooled into thinking that his government’s control over the media is not as bad as his opposition’s control over television. It is convenient for him that we, the people, do not recognize that he is not acting as we might expect from a genuine democracy. And while the Western media decries this Russian move, they are unaware of the fact that such a move will be looked upon as a mistake by people around the world.

Most Americans don’t realize that our nation has only been in a position to be truly free for about 100 years. For almost the first hundred years of our nation’s existence, we were not in a position to rule ourselves. We were only able to do so because of the great power of the empire of which we were a part.

From Germany to Austria to Russia, the empires that dominated Europe for most of the last six hundred years. From Greece to England, Russia to France, these empires controlled Europe. This means that we all share a common history. Russia’s political position today is very similar to that of Germany in the 1860’s.

As far as Vladimir Putin is concerned, he is operating in a world of leaders who do not live up to their ideals and goals. I wonder if he would consider this hypocrisy if it wasn’t for the fact that they cannot openly criticize him.

He claims that the real purpose of Russia in the world is to defend its interests and maintain peace, but at the same time he says that America should not interfere in other nations’ affairs. In fact, he also said that the US has a responsibility to its citizens, and if they have problems, he says that they should take them with their president and show their grievances.

The lieutenants who surround him are all police or security agents, and he denies their existence at all. Indeed, he does not want to face any external threats, and he definitely does not have the respect of the media.

Unfortunately, when political leaders are afraid to stand up for their countries, the citizens suffer. The United States has spent decades studying how to deal with leaders who do not honor their commitments, so it is time to apply that to Vladimir Putin. Instead of trying to interfere in his domestic affairs, he should sit down with our president and ask him if he agrees with what he has said.