Is There a Cover Letter Pitfall That I Am Falling Into?

So you are thinking about writing a cover letter for an upcoming job. It seems that everybody is writing them, yet why do they suck? Here is the scoop on the most common cover letter pitfalls that you should avoid when writing a cover letter.

It is true that a cover letter can be seen as an initial introduction to a prospective employer or an introduction to a prospect, but it should only be your last message. If you are told that you will receive a phone call or an email within the next four to six weeks, do not immediately respond.

Some employers think that you have to submit a cover letter to every job opening that you are interested in. This is not necessarily the case, but you should make it a point to read and look over every job opening that you look at.

If you are not sure about a cover letter, do not simply say you do not know what it means or what the letter means. You may say that you do not have the time or interest in writing one, but people do not always like to receive or get a quick response.

People do not like to receive or get a quick response. If you are not sure how to write a cover letter, it is likely that you will be taken off the phone call.

While you are not writing an essay, the cover letter has the same kind of impact on the employer’s first impression of you. The employer needs to see an interest and commitment to his or her business and job openings.

Do not simply want to tell the employer about you. Include the details about the job and what is expected of you in the letter. Make sure that you are being heard and that you are doing your homework before going to the interview.

Do not forget to include your resume in your cover letter. Employers are usually very impressed with your resume, as long as it is done in a professional-sounding manner.

When it comes to an interview, you need to do your best to show that you are not afraid to speak up and get to the point. Avoid sounding like you are a lawyer or making a tremendous fuss about your qualifications and accomplishments.

There are many pitfalls in a cover letter, but when you are writing one it is important to remember that they are there for a reason. Take the time to learn about them and then avoid them as much as possible.

If you are having a hard time, then consider a writing course. There are many that will teach you how to write a cover letter and help you do it quickly and efficiently.

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