Is Rosa Parks Still a Hero?

If there is one issue that has dominated the last decade, it has been the issues surrounding civil rights and the struggle of Rosa Parks. In a way, this woman deserves her own film about her life and the events surrounding her. The question of whether she was right or wrong in refusing to give up her seat on a segregated bus to a white person is up for debate. However, those who actually know the story have to be convinced that she was really right.

One should ask the question: what makes a hero out of Rosa Parks? In a sense, this woman is very much like Hercules. She was an ordinary American woman who is remarkable in many ways. As the story goes, she was traveling alone in Mississippi when she encountered discrimination from other people. It wasn’t until after the riot at the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma, Alabama, that the world noticed her.

However, her story is not that of a hero. She did not get into a race war with whites. She did not attempt to get revenge for her lost race. Instead, she was taken by surprise by the attack of a policeman.

This means that she was not given due justice. In fact, her case went all the way to the Supreme Court because her trial was not fair. In the end, though, it was found that her actions were indeed justified.

What makes Rosa Parks a hero is the black history she touched. She changed the historical perspective of many.

Rosa Parks was not just a headliner but also a role model for other women. More than that, she was admired by men as well. Many blacks are grateful to her for this. They feel that she made a positive contribution to their society.

For the first time, African Americans finally had an image for race relations. In the minds of whites, however, they were still portrayed as backward people. This made them feel uncomfortable. Until now, they were not given any respect for their ideas.

All this has changed because of Rosa Parks. She is a hero because she led the group that refused to back down when confronted by authorities. She gave birth to the notion that you can go against the grain of society and remain respectable.

While we celebrate the black history, it is important to also remember the white history. They too contributed to the black struggle. Some may not have joined in but they were there nonetheless. Many never liked their racial traditions, but they took it for granted.

Ignorance breeds injustice breeds ignorance. This is why some think that the solution lies in ignoring the problems.

The real lesson to be learnt from Rosa Parks is not that you need to obey the law. Instead, it is that you need to follow the laws with respect. If you don’t, then you are giving ground to those who would resort to violence if they don’t get their way.