In The Meantime Ep

This album is inspired by Scotts low income upbringing. It contains four explosive and in your face pieces which are mostly rapped. One song in the collection has a combination of rap and typical singing. They are all intense pieces which demand your attention from the start. It’s a combination of hard lyrics and a great ability to rap in a concise and abrupt manner which makes everything that is being said known to you directly.

In The Meantime Ep is an album which is rap in genre. Scott grew up in a low income area. He developed his passion from his surroundings and people too. These aspects of his being gave him a muse to create his rap with. The cover is of who could be assumed to be Scott sitting on a bench.

The cover photo is black and white. Someone is sitting at what looks like a subway. There are out of focus people behind this figure. They seem to all be just going about their business. However the figure has disengaged his or her self by putting on the headphones. Maybe the headphones on the cover picture are just meant to pull you into the music. Tune you out of the world, set others out of focus and just be in the moment. It’s just you sitting on a bench, enjoying some music.

The first song in the album is titled My Town. It is a song about having big dreams and taking pride in where you are from. Grindin is next on the playlist. It is a piece which has a melodic tone with hard accompanying lyrics. Hustle Don’t Stop contains a combination of rap as well as sung vocals which make for a great contrast to the rap in the piece.  Last on the album is the song Stacks On Deck. It is a song about power. He is using the word stacks to refer to money. It’s a piece about power, power through money.

Power and money is a common theme in rap. It is addressed as it is something which most people want to achieve in their lifetime. He aims to have an enormous amount of money. Anyone who has experienced any type of financial struggles in their life will feel empowered by these pieces and at the same time these songs also express the feeling of anger which people of low income experience. Lower income people seek out a life which is above where they currently are and desire a life of meaning, also an easier life. A life that does not require working yourself to the bone to survive, instead you can be flippant with your money. Money is a powerful motivator as well a powerful struggle. It makes for a great focus for these pieces because there is so much conflict in financial instability. Also everyone has a dream, and anyone who has ever been poor does not want to experience that feeling.

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