How Martial Law Has Created an Environment For Non-Violent Repression

Since martial law was declared by US President Harry Truman, the US has been in crisis. From the invasion of Japan to Vietnam, Iran, and Iraq to martial law declared in Puerto Rico. Martial law has not only been used in the US but has been a worldwide phenomenon. I call it the global martial law scenario because martial law is a very effective way to control masses without having to use force.

Martial law is like the silent boss or supervisor. There is no need for official notification, notice, or formal announcement. Martial law is enforced by the direct action of the police, military, and sheriff’s deputies. In this situation, people just know when they are under arrest. As long as people obey the laws, it makes martial law more effective.

The most common way to enforce martial law is to create a false sense of security, such as telling people there will be no difference between their government and the government of the United States. Most people become so engrossed in their lives that they don’t notice that something isn’t right. This is not the case with martial law.

Martial law can be used to protect the people. When someone commits an act of domestic terrorism or acts like burglary, violence, or murder, martial law can be put into effect to get the violent criminals off the streets. If the government can’t do it alone, they can enlist the help of the US military and put martial law into effect quickly.

Martial law is also used when a large number of people want to protest and the leaders of the protest are not giving in to the wishes of the people. In these cases, military strength can be brought in to stop the protests and prevent the people from hurting themselves. This works much better than using bullets or even tear gas.

Another way martial law can be used is when too many people go on a hike in the woods without proper permission. Once the number of people exceeds the available space on the grounds of the designated hiking trail, it becomes an obstacle for safety. Martial law can be called in and the military can follow directions from law enforcement officials and herd the people back into the designated area.

Military bases can be made into exclusion zones. During these times, the military can protect the people and prevent the crime from spreading. They will even keep children and pets off the military base. Martial law is never put into effect lightly; a lot of work and planning goes into making the declaration official.

Martial law can also be used when a person is fighting another person, even if it is an attacker with a gun. The police will always have to be informed of the situation and armed with military weapons and vehicles. Martial law can even be used if the police arrive too late.

Martial law can also be used if the government has elected to use a “siege” as a means of protest. In a siege, there is no law enforcement involved. Martial law will be declared to stop the government’s political opponents from harming innocent citizens.

There is one event that falls into this category of event. Two hundred thousand people marched against the Bush administration’s plans to invade Iraq. One group of protesters got a little out of hand and they started barricading the government buildings.

The situation escalated to the point where there were tanks rolling in and a helicopter hovering overhead. When the people realized that the police couldn’t get to the protesters fast enough, martial law was declared.

It is likely that martial law in America will continue to grow. The reason is that the US government cannot ignore the growing unrest in the country. Most people do not understand how civil unrest can bring about martial law.