How I Estimated My Tax Refund with the Tax Refund Calculator

Filing taxes was never an easy task. In fact, it is probably one of those must-do tasks that most people tend to avoid till the last moment. Fortunately, in today’s time it is relatively easier to try and understand how to estimate your returns and refunds and even to calculate your taxes.

There are several online tax refund calculators available and most are free to use. All you have to do is start keying in the details. For first timers, it may seem a little complicated, but you can easily refer to what other users have written or the advice they give. Furthermore, if you don’t try it for yourself, you’ll never know or learn anyway!

This is how I estimated my tax refund with the tax refund calculator. I put all my papers and approximate incomes, investments and expenses amounts together. Of course, it helps to keep a kind of working of these through the year.

Next, I entered these respective details into the calculator. There were columns for the incomes, expenses and so on. The calculator then does its work and displays the tax refund; it is really that simple.

Few things to keep in mind

Try not to keep things for the last minute. Most of us tend to do that. We wait endlessly and then realize close to the last filing date that we have no time. Keep collecting your income details and expense details through the year and maintain a record. A simple excel sheet will act as a good reference. Once you know the figures, it will be easy to file your taxes and estimate the refund.

Use more than one refund calculator online if you have doubts though most will give you similar estimates. Furthermore, choose a good online tax refund calculator such as the one provided by TurboTax.