HostGator 25% OFF Discounts & Coupons


Hostgator is one of the most reliable hosting companies in the world and counting over 4 billion users it dictates the rules and standards for web hosting. If you’re thinking about getting an account with Hostgator you can always be sure that this company is the most reliable web hosting option you have at the moment. Not as many other hosting providers Hostgator also offers unlimited web space, unlimited bandwidth and unlimited domains. If for some reason you’re not that happy with the services that Hostgator offers you can always as for the 30 days money back guarantee.

Why HostGator?


Many people choose Hostgator because they need a reliable web hosting option for a serious online business where they can’t afford any downtime or any speed or loading time problems.

Is the price worth?


The only thing that Hostgator lacks is the good price. Paying for a VPS account on Hostgator may cost you as much as paying for a dedicated server on their web hosts but the price itself dictates a more reliable service and better and dedicated support that most companies can’t really provide.

What Plan is the best?


If you are just starting out as a blogger with a small or medium website the Hostgator shared hosting account will do a good job for you with its speed and support. Hostgator has a really nice ticket support system for all hosting beginners and a large database of tutorials and guides for beginner webmasters.

Using Hostgator Coupons


If the price for a shared hosting account represents a challenge for you there are other ways to save on your hosting plan by using discount and promo codes from Hostgator. This company is really famous for their discounts and promotions and if you wait for the right promotion day you can even get a discount larger than 50% off. This type of discounts are really rare and they only happen at special occasions like Black Friday or when Hostgator celebrates its birthday.

There are many sites from which you can get a free Hostgator coupon and the most famous one is HostgatorCouponPlace. This website has the following coupons and most of the times they are always up to date.

  • Hostgator shared hosting coupon
  • Hostgator vps coupon
  • Hostgator dedicated server coupon
  • Hostgator reseller coupon

The most used Hostgator coupon is usually the 25% off shared hosting coupon which applies mostly on small customers who are just starting out as WordPress bloggers. If you plan on using a more back end type of platform you can use the Hostgator dedicated server coupon which gives you higher discounts and it’s more adapted to developer needs.

How to use a coupon code


When using a coupon code to sign up with Hostgator you must remember to delete the pre inserted default coupon from Hostgator. That coupon doesn’t really add to the total discount amount and you can always get higher discounts from The discount is also very relevant to the billing cycle so if you’re planning of taking your website more seriously choose a higher billing cycle.

I hope this article helped you figure out a better way to buy web hosting and if you have some ideas on where to get higher discount coupons please share that website with us.