Hollywood buzz over Émilïe Ngombom’s hot WWII STEAM script

Hollywood is buzzing over a true WWII tale about an African-American female inventor and a white veteran with PTSD. Studio development execs say the spec script is a classically beautiful screenplay. Physical Therapist, Bessie Virginia Blount, invented assistive technologies, was a nurse, forensic scientist and became a crime-fighter. Initially, her inventions were rejected in America. They were recognized in Belgium, England, Canada and France. Her inventions are now used worldwide. This is a true tale about fighting for what is right.

Allegedly, actors Jake Gyllenhaal (NIGHTCRAWLER, SOURCE CODE), Chris Pratt (HER, ZERO DARK THIRTY), Leo DiCaprio (WOLF OF WALL STREET, BLOOD DIAMOND), Matt Damon (INVICTUS, THE TALENTED MR.RIPPLEY) and Jared Leto (DALLAS BUYERS CLUB, MR. NOBODY) are being considered for the male lead.

The screenplay by Princess Émilïe Ngombom is based on several articles on the history of women in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) including one written by journalist Denise M. Watson of the Virginian-Pilot. Michael Stein, Elizabeth Hepner and Rivka Silvberg were part of the script sounding board team. The storyteller is an expert in international affairs and Corporate Social Responsibility who paints, models (5’8, 32-24-35) and dances.
The screenwriter speaks a few African languages, Spanish, French, Italian and some Japanese. She is grateful to have the international affairs background to guide her as she wrote this fascinating tale. The storyteller received her graduate degree in International and Public Affairs from Columbia University. Princess Émilïe is originally from a royal French West African family and was raised in Africa and Europe. She lives in Central America and New York. At the Tribeca Film Festival, the screenwriter said she was compelled to tell inspiring stories that are not being made anywhere.

Global treasure Émilïe Ngombom believes promoting STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math) in film will have a positive impact on communities in both the developing and developed worlds. For more information, follow her on twitter @emiliengombom and https://twitter.com/emiliengombom.

In the years after 9/11, Hollywood became culturally obsessed with WWII movies. This obsession with foreign conflict continues. The difference is the ‘chosen’ popular war movies feature male leads (Saving Private Ryan, Lone Survivor, Zero Dark Thirty). This is true whether they are soldiers (Unbroken) or scientists (The Imitation Game).
For the first time, there is a script with Oscar potential that gives a brief glimpse into the role of women during WWII and features an intelligent woman of color as a co-lead. Is Hollywood ready to embrace a woman of color who is not a slave, maid, mistress, sex object/ worker?