Halloween Traditions

Halloween or Allhalloween also referred to as All Souls’ Day, is an annual festival celebrated in most countries around the world on 31st October, the day of the Catholic feast of All Souls’ Day. It is one of the largest festivals marking the beginning of autumn and the beginning of life. In England it is the main event of October, which is celebrated in the evening in some towns. In Ireland it is celebrated on St Patrick’s Day, which is also the starting point of autumn.

Halloween is also popular in Scotland, Wales, and Ireland as a harvest festival. The festival of all hallows is believed to have been started in Britain and evolved over time as a festival of souls. In medieval times, the witches and wizards were thinking to control the dead. They could perform spells and hexes by using black cauldron, which had magical properties. This is probably why it is referred to as All Hallow’s Eve in English.

In Ireland, in the middle ages, Halloween was marked by the Devil’s visit on Samhain, a Halloween celebration. The devil arrived in a black horse. People gathered outside their homes in a large procession, wearing black garments and masks to conceal their identity.

These masks were hung on doors of people’s homes with the name of their owners and the date of the occasion embroidered on them. The devil also used to make visits to the homes of those who did not know about Samhain.

In America, Halloween has been known to be celebrated every year from September to November, according to the lunar calendar. People dress up in costumes for the occasion and go to various places like supermarkets, malls, and department stores to buy different types of Halloween-related products. There are also some Halloween celebrations organized in some cities during the month of October. In the United States, Halloween is celebrated by making homemade crafts, playing trick or treating, and decorating the houses of friends.

Halloween can also be enjoyed in some other countries such as Japan, Australia, and Canada. People dress up as a ghost, skeleton, ghost, witch, and bat on their favorite occasions and these costumes are usually displayed on trees in their backyards. People also dress up in Halloween costumes for special occasions.

In Japan, people often go to different parts of Japan to look for some good fortune on Halloween, which they can use to bring back with them and share with their friends. On Halloween, kids dress up as a ghost and try to scare the other kids, in hopes that their wishes will come true. Also, Japanese girls dress up as princesses on this special day and spend their time playing games and having fun with their friends and family. In Japan, a Halloween party is considered a rite of passage where boys dress up as a samurai and girls as their maidens.

In Ireland, Halloween is also celebrated with a lot of fun and festivity during the month of October. It is an important occasion of Irish music and dances, which is considered to be the biggest festival of Ireland. For the women, it is considered the best day of the year, as it marks the start of Spring.

People in some areas in Australia celebrate Halloween every year on the first day of November, the last Saturday in October. People of the country usually dress up as monsters, witches, and other scary characters and play games on this special occasion.

Halloween parties are held in Australia on the last Friday of November, as well, in towns such as Perth and Adelaide. However, people in Australia celebrate Halloween differently in different parts of the country, depending on where they live, as well as on the level of education and social status of their families.

Halloween traditions have been passed down through the generations of different people from one generation to another. Thus, even the names of the same traditions have been passed down over many years.