GRISTLE & BONE… 7 Delectable Tales of Terror ON SALE NOW!

A young couple discovers the secret of a tourist town’s prosperity may lie in its sinfully delicious cuisine. Gonzo pornographers deal with the consequences of a tragedy they caused when life imitated “art.” Disgraced soldier Dean Vogel returns to his hometown and confronts the bullies, and a traumatic event, from his past. A reporter uncovers what really happened to the latest internet sensation, a troubled girl who disappears on camera. When successful restaurant owners Jim and Leanne Taymor confess to a grisly series of small town murders, their neighbor learns the gruesome truth that led them to kill.

Cannibalism, monsters, vengeful spirits, the apocalypse… chock-full of blood, mayhem, psychological horror, and good old fashioned gross-outs, GRISTLE & BONE is a tasty treat for horror fans!

GRISTLE & BONE includes the novella, Scavengers, plus 4 novelettes, and 2 short stories. Available in ebook and paperback exclusively at Amazon US | Canada | UK.

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