Free Undeveloped Artist Promotion Using Social Media

With all the competition out there, an unsigned artist needs to do some work to get discovered and promoted. If you are not using social media to spread the word about your career as an artist, the only thing you have done is let your competition win. Here are a few things you can do to get some free publicity for your performance. That’s why unsigned artists promotion is so necessary.

First of all, you need to get involved in social media with other artists. There are a number of benefits to joining such an active network as a fan of an artist and they offer some great exposure.

Secondly, find out who your fans are and use this to your advantage. It is important to know what types of music for your fans prefer to listen to. If you have a fan base that enjoys pop music, use this to your advantage and promote your songs by sending them a song or by creating your own video.

Thirdly, make a blog or an article to promote your blog or website. Make it so that it attracts more readers and makes them feel part of your blog or website. This can help get some free publicity as your blog or website will be searched regularly.

Fourthly, join some networking groups and use your blog to advertise your presence in the group. Once you have become a member of the group, go ahead and use your blog to promote your performance.

Fifthly, use Twitter to connect with your audience and get some free publicity. For this, you will need to write tweets or compose a post that mentions your target audience.

Sixthly, use Twitter to connect with your fans. For this, you will need to follow the group or community that you are a part of, and send a tweet to all the followers.

Seventhly, hire a professional graphic designer to produce some social media art work for you. This is a good way to promote your performances without spending much.

Eighthly, use Twitter to stay connected with your fans. You can use it to post announcements and updates about your performances and also let them know when you will be performing next.

Lastly, consider releasing music on iTunes. Although it costs a bit more than the other ways of getting your music heard, it has a long list of music lovers and they are willing to pay a little extra to have a piece of original music from their favorite artist.

So, if you want to be a successful indie artist, consider using social media to promote your music. You will be surprised at how much free publicity you will receive. Any unsigned artist that wants to get real music promotion has only one place to turn and that’s iTunes Exposure. There you can get legit music promotion like major artists for a fraction of the costs.