Follow These Tips For A Successful California Gold Rush Trip

There is a strong tradition of long distance travel during the California Gold Rush. Young men and women traveled to distant mining camps and competed against one another for the chance to win great wealth and fame. Those who had the fortitude to survive long distances in bad weather learned that there is much more to life than can be found in the comforts of the modern city.

Often the California Gold Rush included other kinds of pioneers. In the mountains, ranchers and cowboys drove cattle, hunted elk and deer, and hunted buffalo. Wagoners traveled the road from one location to another, carrying provisions and making deliveries. To transport their food, they brought wagon wheels and wagons.

One might be tempted to think that such a simple lifestyle would be easy to maintain in a society where people seldom moved about. It is hard to keep a culture going, when food is shipped in bulk. And in those days, the only transport option available was horseback. But by knowing how to get a ride, a person could travel great distances for a fraction of the cost of a modern vehicle.

The sheer joy of riding a horse and camping out in a campground can be hard to describe. The adventure is often enough to overcome all the physical and financial obstacles a person may encounter along the way. Even as a young person, it was popular to bring a pack of horses along on an expedition.

Now that is a good horse riding education anyone could want. Here are a few tips for getting a horse out on the trail:

Prepare Your Horse – If you are bringing a horse, you will need to do some research. To help make the trip easier, make sure you purchase the right equipment. Only bring a saddle, a bridle, a halter, and a tack if you really know what you are doing. Once you have your horse, you will need to learn how to care for it. Be sure to train your horse in a safe manner and teach it proper behavior before venturing out on the trail.

Camping – Camping is a very important part of getting the most out of a California Gold Rush excursion. Prepare your horse and yourself for the night ahead. Find a cool spot to rest and take your belongings with you before you leave.

Search Out Signs and Wildlife – By looking out for signs and wildlife, you can greatly increase your chances of survival. Don’t forget to bring along your hiking map, compass, and radio. The radio should be able to pick up clear, audible terrain conditions. The point to remember is to be prepared for just about anything you might encounter along the trail.

Keep Calm – This is not a race! Prepare yourself for any scenario that might come up and keep your cool at all times. Do not be tempted to become overly excited or mad if you are unable to find a sign of wildlife.

It is a good idea to put together a list of things to do and places to go while you are out on the trail. There is a reason why so many people took the time to plan out their trip before they left home. Knowing what to expect and where to look can save many lives in the event of an emergency.

Just because it is a bit more strenuous than a normal trip, it does not mean that it is impossible. With a little preparation, anyone can make the trip worthwhile. The only requirement is a good degree of self-discipline and an open mind.

Hopefully this information has given you a few ideas as to how to make your trip a success. Remember to plan well, carry only what you need and keep a level head. If you do, you will have a memorable experience that you will never forget.