Duke Ellington Piano Music

You may not know, but the Duke Ellington piano music was originally written in the African American vernacular. That’s right, he was actually proud of it. Here is what he had to say about the song and his plans for an African American version.

I was a slave for a number of years and then worked in the city of Louisville, Kentucky. In the city, I was very poor and had to make a living by singing in bars. I was never successful, but I did the best I could. One of my favorites is “Hooray for You!” for you have been heard.

It is easy to forget that many people’s life is in turmoil and there are no obvious answers. It is important to live each day with enthusiasm and hope. Although some of my songs were published, they were never popular. My favorites have always been published, but not in my own language. That was because I had a bad speaking voice!

I don’t need to be famous or popular; I just want to play music that amuses and inspires. I suppose some of you think it would be nice to be that famous or popular. If I were to sing about the rich and famous, it would be an insincere imitation of them.

After my experiences, I quit writing for a rap group called The Band of World Peace. The difference between me and the band was, they had decided that there was only one way to be successful and that was to make R&B music.

I’ve always thought that most successful people made a lot of mistakes and could have saved a lot of time and effort if they had studied a bit more. It’s possible to make a lot of money without having to be very good at business.

I’m glad that the Duke Ellington piano music is still being played today, even if he wasn’t. Some musicians today actually choose to play the Duke Ellington piano music because they enjoy it makes them feel more relaxed.

One of the best things about it is that it gives the impression that this is an amazing young pianist who can play something up to four notes. I just wish that everybody who was once at a piano class had the opportunity to play it a few times.

Another reason why the Duke Ellington piano music is so popular is because it is catchy and it goes with almost any style of music. The fact that it was written in the African American vernacular makes it suitable for almost any kind of music.

The Duke Ellington piano music is part of the history of African American music. So many people in the United States, from today’s youth to the oldest of old folks, still recognize the meaning of music that is of the African American vernacular.

The Duke Ellington piano music deserves to be played and enjoyed by anybody, no matter who they are. It is true that it has been published many times, but the most interesting thing is that it is still being sung today!