Douglas Vermeeren’s High Profit Speaker Conference a powerful tool for speakers

If you are a speaker, coach or consultant this is an event you want to know about. You may know Douglas Vermeeren as the creator of the film’s The Opus (Featuring Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen, Joe Vitale, John Demartini, Marci Shimoff and others.) The Gratitude Experiment (Bob Proctor, Marie Diamond, John Gray, John Demartini and others) or the Treasure Map (John Demartini, Randy Gage, Marshall Sylver, Raymond Aaron and others). He has taken a new approach on speaker training that is putting people on more stages, creating stronger products and helping those speakers sell from the stage. What’s making this program so effective?


“Most speaker trainings spend a lot of time with content development and presentation skills,” Vermeeren says, “And in some cases that’s needed. But most speakers know their material and how to deliver it. What they need is to learn how to get more opportunities to share it.”  Vermeeren distinctly divides the speaking business into two parts. He identifies those two parts are the content/presentation skills and the business part of speaking. The business part he teaches includes things like building a correct business model, learning how to build effective products, how to get on more stages, marketing, attracting media coverage, building joint venture agreements with other speakers and other similar activities.


Vermeeren states that “There are a lot of brilliant speakers out there with incredible content. The biggest challenge they have is opening the door to share that content.” The mission of High Profit Speaker is to give the tools to speakers so they can do these things for themselves.


If you are a speaker and would like to learn more about how you can do this. Come to for a free ebook on 3 obstacles that are keeping you from your speaking success. This tool will immediately open the door to new thinking about your speaking business.


The next High Profit Speaker conference is in Las Vegas NV July 29, 30, 31.  Attendance is currently by invitation only.