Douglas Vermeeren announces that he’ll be going beyond personal development movies

You may know Douglas Vermeeren as the creator, director and producer of three of the most popular personal development films today. Namely The Opus (featuring Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen, Joe Vitale, John Demartini, Marci Shimoff and others) The Gratitude Experiment (Bob Proctor, John Gray, Marie Diamond) and The Treasure Map (Randy Gage, Raymond Aaron, Marshall Sylver) and there is one final secret feature that is contracted for release in the coming months.


Although it seems that Vermeeren has dominated the personal development movie space with the completion of this final he is leaving it behind for his next movie adventure.


“While I won’t stop speaking and contributing in the personal development space, my love has always been movies.” Vermeeren stated at a recent press conference regarding the new secretive project, “It’s time for me to bring forward a narrative project I’ve been thinking about for a while.”  The project remains quite mysterious at this stage and not a lot is know about it. When asked about the genre or the story all Vermeeren would answer is that his production has a few scripts they are currently consider but no final decision is ready to be publicly announced.


“Creativity,” stated Vermeeren, “is part of personal development. And I guess I am taking a big risk because this film will be a very dramatic shift from anything that I’ve ever done before. I hope people will like it.”


Vermeeren confirmed that this latest project is currently in preproduction and will have a release date of 2017. Whether this transition will be a permanent one remains to be seen. However we all look forward with anticipation for the new project. Stay tuned in for details.