Destiny 2 – The Things You Need to Know About the Upcoming Game

Destiny 2 is quickly becoming one of the most talked about games of the year. Fans of the original Destiny will be pleased to know that the sequel is very similar in terms of gameplay, although there are a few key differences that many players will appreciate. Destiny is a unique shooter that has managed to capture the attention of many players, but if you’re looking for a new shooter to play you might find the following tips useful.

No Friendly AI – While some of the firefights in Destiny 2 are a bit more intense than others, this can be done in the form of more subtle problems such as friendly AI paths. Players who have struggled to complete some of the earlier levels might be pleased to learn that the AI in Destiny 2 is much less aggressive than that of the first game. This means that they’ll be able to get more items and upgrades for their characters without having to destroy the entire enemy force with a single well-placed shot. Whether this translates into lower competition or other beneficial features for new players remains to be seen, but if you like shooting and are having trouble getting a head start with a challenging game, this might be a great option.

The exact level – One of the big selling points of the original Destiny was its effort to provide you with a good idea of the exact level of enemies you were facing. Unlike other shooters where you simply have to guess how difficult a level might be, you always knew exactly how tough the enemies were going to be and could plan accordingly. Destiny 2 takes a slightly different approach by making its levels more open and allowing you to move around the map and take advantage of some of the unique abilities that each class brings to the table. For example, while the Warlock class is great at knocking back and slowing down his opponents, the Titan is great at simply hammering away at his enemies with his powerful gauntlets and barrel roll abilities.

Subclass abilities – The newest addition to Destiny 2 is a very interesting addition to the game. Players now have the opportunity to pick from a variety of powerful superpowers that are unlocked by completing specific challenges within each of the classes. It’s not quite as simple as picking the subclass and then having your character power up, however.

With each subclass, you choose the abilities that are unlocked by leveling up your character, whether you chose the subclass outright or through a combination of other powers from other perks. Not only do these powers unlock during certain activities within the game, but they also include special effects such as a particular audio cue or visual effect. In other words, if you want to find out what good perk looks like, you might find that the right combination of powers unlocks something amazing.

Master Shaper – One of the best perks is the one that allows you to unlock special effects using Master Shaper. Not only does this unlock a series of special effects, but it also changes the appearance of the game screen which will give players a better chance of spotting and defeating enemies.

Looking ahead to the future, each class will be able to unlock a set of armor skins for it that is completely separate from the armor skins available for the other classes. So when you’re wearing your Fireteam gear, you’ll still have a chance to display your favorite team colors, but those of other classes can use your armor to customize their look. This will allow players to have their own style in each class, which is a nice change from the general uniformity that occurs in the original Destiny.

Facebook integration – Many of the systems in Destiny 2 make use of Facebook to make the game experience much easier. Rather than having to remember to log into the game every time you want to see your status updates, players will be able to simply go online and check on the game updates from the platform that they use the most. This isn’t limited to just updates though; other online features will make it easy to keep tabs on your progress, join a friend’s game, and also to share a screenshot from your friends’ game.

Clearing Strikes – There are many new ways to finish missions in Destiny 2’s story, and for those who have been stuck on a specific mission, the following tips might be helpful. While the overall story line of the game remains largely the same, there are a few slight changes that may make playing through the story a bit more enjoyable. One of the biggest additions is the ability to find other players who are also stuck on the same area.