Convulsic-The EP Syndrome Maker


Erick hale also known as Convulsic is a San Diego based musician and producer. Erick was born on 12th July 1988 and started music from a very young age. According to his biography, he started playing music instruments such as guitar and piano at the age of five.

His love for music continued even when he was in his teens. In his teenage years he joined a number of bands such as Metallica, Offspring, and Top Petty. He played in the band for some years and recorded a number of songs. Unfortunately, due to unavoidable circumstances the band parted ways and Hale began his career as a solo artist.

In 2012, Convulsic released his first single “lava Lamp.”The song was very huge and saw him signing a licensing deal with an independent underground label. In early 2013, he released the EP “syndrome” which was also a big hit.

Although, he had great success with his initial songs, Hale did not stop there. In January 2014 he released his second EP “love space.” According to Hale this song was aimed at toning down the gaming influence. The song was also aimed at increasing the emotive feel.

The song quickly rose on the charts and was ranked number eight on big sound chart for trending artists. Being featured on the chart got the attention of many people which provoked many people to buy his album.

This saw him rising to number one on global dubstep charts. Due to his success on the charts, Convulsic was named as the dubstep’s breakthrough artist of 2014.


The most amazing thing about his songs is that they have perfect arrangement and musical phrasing which automatically gets the attention of the listener. If you are a lover of detailed soundscapes, you can listen to songs such as “electric Dum Dums” and “Deconstruct.”

Convulsic not only concentrates on his music, but he also takes the effort to interact with his fans and fellow artists. According to him, anyone who connects with him aids in uplifting him and makes him a better person.

The most amazing thing about this young man is that he not only interacts well with other people in person, but also in social media.

It’s quite evident that Hale is headed for great things in his life. In addition to releasing another EP, he is also set to be featured in XXL magazine and EDM world which are highly respected music publications. Get his music on iTunes today you won’t be disappointed.