Colorado from Beer on a Beach Album – Promote Your hunger to Grow

Beer on a Beach is a fantabulous album by singer Steve Zelik. The album was released in March 2020, with seven tracks ‘Colorado’ being one of them.

Who is Steve Zelik?

Steve is a country-pop singer writing songs about nature. It was at a Kenny Loggins concert that he and his son attended, which is where and when their musical journey started.  

‘Colorado’ is a single track that is about the beautiful mountains of Colorado. The theme of the song is nature and your hunger to grow. Listening to this song will take you to a new world with a dream to rise higher and higher.

In September 2019, this song earned a pop-score of 91/100, which gives you a better idea about its depth and connectivity with the listener.

A song written in just 20 minutes…

Colorado is a single from the album ‘Beer on a Beech’, and the most exciting part of this song is that the entire song was written in a period of 20 minutes. Even though, the song delivers the desired motivation. Steve wrote this song with his son. 

Steve’s son came up with music that sounded like a ballad to him, compelling him to write something on this melody, and that’s when song ‘Colorado’ came into limelight. For a father, it’s a feeling of pride to work with your son and share a single stage together.

Writing something famous always requires time and patience. Also, you deserve something special to bring your imagination into reality. The ‘Colorado’ song is one of such extraordinary work by Steve and his son. With time, Steve’s son is growing into an amazing musician and songwriter, and that’s how Steve spends much of his time with his son. This time, Steve’s found a lot of peace in his life that gave him enough time to bring words together for the song ‘Colorado.’

Most people think that instruments used in ‘Colorado’ are specially made for the song, yet it’s not true at all. The rough mix was initially created in-house, which was later carried to Beaird Studios in Nashville and Encore Studios for perfection.

Colorado song will take you back to nature…

To better with nature, you always want to travel to the peaceful mountains, and that’s where ‘Colorado’ song takes you. Regardless of the song, Colorado is a marvelous place to visit, and this song adds more to its beauty.

More about ‘Beer on a Beach’…

The album has a total of 7 tracks that include:

  1. Beer on a Beach
  2. Colorado
  3. Cheers, Jeers, and Tears
  4. My Sandals Fit in My Cowboy Boots
  5. Social Media
  6. The Angels Cried
  7. Love Story

For all fans of Steve Zelik, a new album is coming soon and is the pipeline. However, it will take a bit more time, yet there won’t be any compromise with lyrics and music.

Make sure you download Colorado and the album Beer on a Beach by up and coming country rock star Steve Zelik on iTunes and you can also stream on Spotify and Tidal Make sure you take a listen today.