Chicago Bulls looking to make more moves

Nikola Mirotić, also known as Niko, a forward man for Real Madrid was in the eyes of the Chicago Bulls since 2011. Niko has been playing in Spain since 2008. He first played in the ACB League for Real Madrid. Now it seems that he might be coming to America very soon to play for The Bulls. The gossip also states that this is not in the distant future but quite soon.

The Bulls have eyes on quite some big guns as they are seeking New York Knicks’ forward Carmelo Anthony.


The buzz is that Niko might be taking off for America by next week. But the clash is that Niko might become a back-burner choice for the Bulls as Carmelo will definitely get the prime spot as a forward. Carmelo being a world class star will tower over Niko. If Niko really plans to come to America next week, it better for a vacation and he better have a good plan for sightseeing.

Niko has emerged as one of the top stars of the game. This Thursday, he handed out $3 million buyout to leave his place in Real Madrid to get an entry into NBA. He may definitely be a prime candidate for the Bulls. Still quite early in the off season, the bulls are head hunting for big guns apart from Carmelo. Kevin Love and Pau Gasol are in the Bulls eyes for the next season. But Niko could still end up being the teams’ biggest add on for the next season. He has been topping charts for Real Madrid for quite some time, which is great since he is one of the youngest man on the roster.

This deal between the Bulls and Niko could come as a hiccup for signing on stars like Kevin and Pau. Since Niko is considered as the Bulls most valued asset. The most predicted scenario would be that the Bulls would trade Niko and get Kevin and Pau on board. But the downside is that once the Bulls sign Niko they cannot trade him for 30 days. Hence putting a block on getting Carmelo or Kevin.

This situation might leave the Bulls hanging dry when it comes to getting the big guns for the next season. The best guess right now is that the Bulls may feel that Niko is their big get and adding Pau to the mix gets them lot of experience and skills on their plate, a good combination never the less.

Either way it seems that the Bulls will have a big name added to their roster very soon. Whether that name is Niko or Carmelo or Pau or Kevin remains a mystery. But if the octopus had to take a pick then Niko might be the best bet.

Seems like the bulls really have something cooking for the next season.