Chicago Bears – The Last Eight Bets For A Great Season

On the road to build a winning season, the Chicago Bears is much like the fighting children who don’t know how to control their anger. Many times in their life, this team has caused their opponents immense embarrassment. The Bears have always had the lead in the locker room but not always on the field.

On the way to the playoffs, the Bears embarrassed the Pittsburgh Steelers team with their loud cheers for quarterback, Ben Roethlisberger. It was supposed to be a showcase of a dominant defense, and yet the Steelers offense and defense were blown out with two offensive drives in the fourth quarter that resulted in points for the opponent.

The bright side of this debacle is that the Bears did get the number one seed in the NFC. This season the Chicago Bears is going to have to prove they are better than the first seed.

A short drive back from the playoffs may help out the defense. The Bears have enough issues to worry about when it comes to offense and defense.

The Bears have gone through injuries to three starters, and that may have hurt their defense, but the six-player defense has the players to tackle and sack the quarterback and take the ball away. They are going to be the league’s best in 2020.

Defenses who rank below the Bears should hope the defensive line will stand up in sacks. The offensive line should be as tight as the first joint.

The greatest hope for the defense is going to be the rookie cornerbacks, and the strong safety is going to be one of the more underrated players in the league. There is still a lot to be learned about him, but the overall numbers say he is an exceptional player.

This defense will need to be better in coverage than they were in the preseason, and that is another situation the defense can build on. The young linebackers, and the safeties who are both smart and aggressive may be able to push the older players out of the way.

With great players like Pernell McPhee and Lance Briggs, the Bears are going to have an amazing defense. The young players are going to need to have more than just an eye for the ball to be able to take care of their responsibilities.

This team still has some great veteran leaders, and there is no reason the other players will be able to match them. The defense is the main attraction in this group of players, and if this defense can develop and become a better unit than the offense, they will have a chance to win every game this season.

Many of the players are going to need to do a better job on the practice field, and a great season should be on the way. It is not out of the question for the Chicago Bears to be right there with the first seed in the playoffs.