The Joy of Owning a Dog

The Joy of Owning a Dog

The dog is a long-haired domestic carnivorous mammal of the canine family Caninae. It belongs to the wolf-like canines and is most commonly found on the plains and open forests of North More »

Why Are Polar Bears So Popular?

Why Are Polar Bears So Popular?

Polar bears have been the topic of a great deal of controversy for many years. Polar bears are known to have existed on Earth for hundreds of thousands of years, although much More »

Mayan Empire

Mayan Empire

The Mayan Empire was an ancient Mesoamerican culture noted for its complicated hieroglyphic scripts, its astronomical calendars, and for its beautiful artwork, architecture, mathematics, and calendar. For example, Mayan art dates back More »

Love Spells For Your Relationship

Love Spells For Your Relationship

Love spells are a great way to make your love life last a bit longer. Sometimes, the things we need most are the things that are the hardest to get. The spells are More »

What Was the Ice Age?

What Was the Ice Age?

The Ice Age was one of the most intense periods in Earth’s history. The ice age is generally defined as a long-term period of decline in global temperature and air and ocean More »


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Segregation in America – What is It and Why Do We Continue to Allow It?

Segregation in America is the unequal allocation of resources, services, and opportunities based on race, gender, or ethnic lines in the U.S. In recent years, public attention has focused on the effects of racial discrimination in employment. Yet, when it

Lightning and Thunder Storms

A thunder storm, also called a lightning storm or a non-indvent lightning storm, is usually a storm characterized by its electrical sound and the presence of thunder in the atmosphere, known scientifically as lightning. Lightning normally produces very short durations

How To Watch a Meteor Shower

A meteor shower is an amazing celestial occurrence where many small meteoroids are seen to radiate, or form, in a specific place in the sky during a night. This type of event can be a wonderful way to watch the

Geocentric Orientation Of Earth

The North Pole is also known as the Terrestrial North pole or Geographical North pole. It is a reference point on Earth that is usually located above and below the Arctic Circle. The North pole is positioned over the pole

Is There Evidence For Life on Other Planets – Maybe ET

If aliens were visiting us, how can we know if they really exist or not? How would we even go about knowing about their existence, let alone going out and asking them? We all have different possibilities to think about

Cornavirus Symptoms and Protection

It is hard to imagine that a virus like the dreaded Cornavirus can even survive in our bodies, let alone multiply. So, how did this infection emerge in the first place and why is it now threatening so many people?

Living in Poverty

Living in poverty is a state of being that most of us find ourselves in every day. Some of us are fortunate enough to be able to escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life but most cannot, even

Stone Age Technology Explained

The age of mankind was formed during the Stone Age, which spanned over two million years. During this period, man first started to use stones for construction and for building tools. Stone age discoveries have unearthed evidence of Stone Age

Christians Must Not Be Hated

Christianity is a religion founded in the 4th century A.D. Christianity is the only religion founded by the Virgin Mary that does not contain any blood or sacrifice. The concept of a god who died for us is a doctrine

What Are the Causes of Shark Attacks?

In the past decade shark attacks have dramatically increased in frequency. Some people believe shark attacks are caused by the increased number of people who are in close contact with these fish. Others think sharks are becoming more prevalent because