Texas Hold’em Poker – How To Play

Texas Hold’em Poker – How To Play

Texas Hold ’em poker is easily one of the popular forms of the classic card game of poker. Two decks of cards called “hole cards” are dealt to each player, face down, More »

Killer Whales and Dolphins

Killer Whales and Dolphins

Killer whales are the largest toothed whales in the ocean and are found in tropical and subtropical waters around the world. In order to recognize these magnificent mammals, the first thing one More »

Nursery Rhymes For Kids

Nursery Rhymes For Kids

A nursery rhyme has been a popular children’s nursery rhyme for hundreds of years, but its use only really dates back to the early 19th century when it was first used to More »

What Attracts Us To Others?

What Attracts Us To Others?

What draws us to others, or at least the one we perceive as being attractive? What can we learn from this about attracting others, and the relationship between attraction in relationships? If More »

Find Love Spells

Find Love Spells

If you think that your love life is ending, and if you have been looking for ways to improve it, then you should try out some love spell casting. You can easily get yourself More »


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Saving the Tropical Rain Forest

tropical rainforests

Tropical rainforests are tropical rainforests, which occur mainly in places of tropical wetland climate where there is no rain, snow or freeze-thaw season and where the average rainfall is at least 30 mm a year, and can also be called

The Philosophy of Time Travel

time travel

Time travel is often the subject of popular fiction and philosophy. This article will look at time travel within a philosophical perspective. In particular I will be looking at the subject of human existence. It is worth noting that this

Criminal Justice and Reparations

Reparations are defined as restitution for a physical injury or abuse. In the past the colloquial usage of reparations was very broad, meaning practically anything that is given to one person as a gesture of recompense for something done to

Ethics Concerns Around Genetic Engineering

Genetic engineering

Genetic engineering, also known as genetic manipulation or genetic engineering, is simply the manipulation of the DNA of an organism with biotechnology to alter the nature and function of that organism. There are two major techniques used by scientists for

What Is a Drought?


Droughts are not the same everywhere; they have different names in different countries and climates. Extreme dryness can last for years or even months, while a moderate drought can last a year or less. Each type of drought is called

What You Need to Know About Hurricanes

Hurricanes are a real threat to life on earth. Hurricanes are categorized by their strength. A hurricane has a specific strength as measured by the wind speeds, maximum rainfall, and maximum winds associated with it. The National Hurricane Center is

A Beginner’s Guide To Metallic Hydrogen

Metallic Hydrogen is a new phase of hydroxyl that behaves like a conductive metal. This phase was first predicted by Hillard Bell and Eugene Wigner in 1935 based on experimental results obtained by Wigner. The term “metallic hydrogen” was first

Wildlife Guide to the Animals of Chernobyl

Animals of Chernobyl

There are thousands of animals of Chernobyl in Ukraine that are still in good health today. However, the animals of Chernobyl were not spared during the catastrophe. The effects of the nuclear meltdown at the Chernobyl nuclear plant on March

How to Protect Yourself From Thunder

Thunder is the sound created by lightning striking somewhere above the earth. Depending on how far away from the lightning it strikes and the nature of that lightning storm, it could range from a dull, light crack to a loud,

The Many Faces of Espionage


Espionage is the act of stealing, obtaining secret or personal information by deception, stealth, or illegal means. A person who commits espionage or spies is sometimes known as an enemy agent or espionage agent. Espionage agents help agencies uncover secret