Discover How To Be Happy

Discover How To Be Happy

Everybody wants to know how to be happy. Some people are born with the gift, and others just have to work for it. It’s easier to learn how to be happy if More »

The Best Electric Bikes For Sale

The Best Electric Bikes For Sale

The best electric bikes for sale are those that are both practical and durable. But first, let’s look at the technology and see what makes a top bike. The power source for an electric bike is More »

Spotify Promotion for Indie Artists

Spotify Promotion for Indie Artists

The popular streaming music service has become a reliable source of revenue generation and Spotify promotion is crucial to achieving success. In order to promote your site in the music industry, you need to More »

How to Promote an Album

How to Promote an Album

As someone who has worked with and watched as many artists and labels try to figure out how to promote an album, I can tell you that there are not a lot of More »

Why Pop Music Promotion Should Be a Priority For Your Career

Why Pop Music Promotion Should Be a Priority For Your Career

If you are an artist who enjoys a good deal of success, a simple way to earn some extra cash is through pop music promotion. This, however, can become rather difficult as time More »


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EduCav Group Winner of Making a change in the Middle East 2020 Award

In the Internet age, information is faster and closer to us than ever. One-click with a computer mouse and we enter into a virtual world where everything is possible. Yet, how many clever things he has to offer us, we

How to Survive a Pandemic

There are several ways to survive a pandemic. One is by learning and practicing basic hygiene to avoid the spread of the disease and preventing people from the affected area from getting infected. However, more advanced forms of survival such

Latest Strain of the Coronavirus

“The most difficult aspect of this new virus to diagnose is the geographic area of its exposure,” said Dr. Arun Kumar, a microbiologist at the Stony Brook School of Dental Medicine in New York City. “However, it is certainly not

What is Global Warming?

Global warming is a hot topic these days. The US President has declared that man-made global warming is real and man-made carbon dioxide is the cause. The Republicans and Democrats are pointing fingers at each other. Global warming is a

How Martial Law Has Created an Environment For Non-Violent Repression

Since martial law was declared by US President Harry Truman, the US has been in crisis. From the invasion of Japan to Vietnam, Iran, and Iraq to martial law declared in Puerto Rico. Martial law has not only been used

What the Media’s Exposure to Mass Incarceration in America Has Done to Our Society

The media’s obsession with mass incarceration has contributed to the public’s increasing concern over the effects of mass incarceration in America. Because there is so much attention being paid to the issue, politicians are finding it increasingly difficult to keep

Common Symptoms of STDs

Although infections in the genital area are not necessarily infectious, they can become so with certain strains of sexually transmitted diseases. In fact, sexually transmitted diseases in general carry a higher risk of transmitting an STD to a partner. These

Should We Impeach Donald Trump?

The choice is up to the American people. They can support Donald Trump or they can choose impeachment. You can follow the links below to see which approach will be best for you. The House has removed a president from

The Problems of Gun Violence in Chicago and Why It Is a Problem That Must Be Solved

Chicago gun violence has reached a level unheard of in this country. It is hard to imagine any place in the United States with such constant worry over such a simple thing as armed citizens trying to stop a shooting

Donald Trump May Pay a Price For Using the GOP Primary to Use Politics

Donald Trump’s quest to do well in the GOP Primary polls comes with a cost: Even if Donald Trump does the unthinkable and wins the GOP nomination, he is likely to have paid a price in the fight to earn