Book Of Memes Snippet 2

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book of memes

After leaving the courthouse I was on the train headed to work and was minding my business as usual. I typically just keep my head down while riding the train because when you look up you typically see something you wish you wouldn’t have. On this particular day, I decided to not follow my own advice and glanced up.

When I did this beautiful woman was sitting a few seats down. We locked eyes and she smiled at me, so I smiled back. I looked down at my feet to gather myself because she was so beautiful, I needed to gain my composure before I looked back up again. When I looked up, she was still looking at me and her smile was just as warming as before. But before I knew it, she started to wave at me. Could this be my lucky day? Could I had finally found the one for me? So, I awkwardly waved back. Then what happened next was unprecedented as she waived me to come sit with her.  

My heart began to race as my palms began to sweat.  I took a huge swallow as I proceeded to make my way towards my future wife. It was at this instance that it all went south. As I got up, I felt someone on my back pushing me to the side to get past me. I turned and looked over my shoulder as this guy was furiously trying to get past me blocking me from my new bae. I gave him a look of repulsion as I turned back to my love to let her know I was on my way but was being held up by this thug.

It was then that I noticed her eyes were no longer focused on me but on this rude gentleman who pushed me out the way. My mind was working a mile a minute as I watched this guy smiling walking up to my bride to be as they embraced in a long passionate hug. That’s when it dawned on me that she was never waiving at me but at the dude who was sitting behind me the whole time. I slowly sat back in my seat heartbroken with my head down. I was quiet for the rest of the train ride to work.

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