Black History Month

In the case of the Black History Month, I know there will be those that really despise what we do and what we did to advance our cause and participate in black culture. Those that believe we should avoid the art form and the fact, “White people are against us” with another common belief that we only promote violence and rebellion. But all this means is that they don’t realize the power of being able to teach, preach, learn, have love and support their beliefs and values.

The power to be able to communicate the power of love, respect, and creativity to black people through the arts. Yes, this is why I am passionate about this movement and believe that a focus on Black History month is vital to help us discover the art and talents that we may have and use them. There is a powerful message to be able to educate other blacks and others through the arts and use these skills to enlighten and teach.

The message that the messages that we hear on television, radio, books, etc. are not just hearsay, and manufactured and fictitious. These types of messages can be a great way to connect with others on a level that I have yet to understand and truly feel. As a general rule the media does not give importance to what blacks create, think, and say through the arts.

What most blacks see on television or at the movies is the entertainment, often not the messages that Black Culture tells us. It is this type of lack of knowledge that I believe blacks need to re-establish.

The arts, the sharing of experiences, the need for support, and the bond of family and faith will greatly affect the overall personality and style of black. This in turn affects others. That is what will make the difference for a relationship to be an exception to the rule. I have been affected by the arts and learned many lessons about how I can love others and love myself.

Love, respect, and appreciation are one of the aspects of black culture that I believe all of us need to embrace more. Black love is great; it is very healthy. The following are some of the concepts and philosophies that I believe would have helped me grow into a person who is loving, compassionate, and accepting of other people.

Family and faith are a concept that will help any person in many ways. It helps us to find the real meaning of relationships and a bond that are healthy to build together through as we accept all of God’s children.

True love has nothing to do with attraction. It is not only true that love has nothing to do with attraction but it also is a state of being. True love is what we hold in our hearts and minds when the going gets tough. It is a quality that is unique to the soul and a joy to explore.

The art of love can help with communication and learning how to accept others and help others reach out to you. In this way the heart feels love and acceptance while the mind realizes the source of love and acceptance.

Love is the key to finding the purpose in life and knowing the joy of doing the things that bring us joy. It teaches us to listen to our heart and realize what the cause really is.

So next time you are watching the news, reading an article, or a film, take the time to appreciate all of the richness that black people can create through the arts. In the end it will enrich the world you come from.