Best Ways to Promote Your Music Online

Spotify music promotion can be a little tricky. While it may seem like a simple concept, it requires some solid strategies. In this article I will discuss some of the best ways to promote your music online.

Most people who are new to music promotion will automatically go with Facebook and Google+ because they are free. This is a good first step but it does not provide a direct way to share your content to your fans and followers.

Social media is great if you already have an audience or a list of contacts. But, it does not allow you to share directly with your audience.

Spotify music promotion requires more attention because it is easy to share. Music enthusiasts may search Spotify for keywords that describe what they are looking for in a song.

For example, “Breathe On Me” by Avicii is a nice song with nice lyrics. The song has already been played a couple of times on other sites including YouTube so anyone listening to the song would know it’s good.

So, I suggest searching the song on other sites that you have access to. If the song is not played on the site that is most popular, then it is likely that you will not see a lot of listeners and fans of that song.

Your friends on Facebook may also know about your play count, so it makes sense to let them know that you are also looking for new music. You don’t want to encourage them to use your favorite music site but you also do not want to lose them as a fan because they didn’t find your track.

Your social media channels are often the most direct way to promote your music. The reason is that they give you more leeway with who you share with.

If you run a popular music channel at radio stations, you can share your track to them directly and include links to the Spotify page. If your friends listen to your channel, then they can see the link and start to download the track for free.

If you are only allowed to play your music on your website, you will have to rely on sharing the URL of your site to your favorite fan. In this case, music fans can visit your site and download the track for free from there.

Spotify music promotion is all about sharing. Whether you are doing it with a traditional viral marketing campaign or through social media, you need to ensure that your listeners are aware of your new music.

Spotify music promotion is very important. If you want to get more listeners and fans for your music, you must take advantage of these tips. If you need music promotion for your music on Spotify check out Add Marketing. With Add Marketing they can help promote your album, single, or EP.