Best Upcoming EDM Artist in Asia 2018 Award

Phinova and Anfisa won the award for the best upcoming EDM artist in Asia in 2018 from WorldWide Tweets. Why did they win this award you might ask? Well, they are what you would call a dynamic duo, a team which is hugely popular at the moment and will continuing growing in popularity. They pack a punch. The duo was formed in 2015, when Phinova and Anfisa thought the collaboration would be interesting. They created a mix styles and genres of music which keep their music fresh. The duo also produces their songs along with collaborating and promoting other artist.  Displaying their talents Phinova and Anfisa are going on tour in China 2019. The tour has already sold out. They are also scheduled for 115 shows in both China and Africa. Two additional tours are also fast approaching.

Anfisa had this to say about the upcoming sold-out tour, “this tour is set to be amazing in every way and we are confident our fans are going to really enjoy the sets we have planned,” commented DJ Anfisa, who is also wildly popular as a DJ in the Asian and European fashion world. “We guarantee to do our best to deliver an unforgettable night to everyone who joins us for the fun.” The pair not only produces great music, they also create a great atmosphere and a show for their audience and fans. The pair plays and performs at clubs all the time and commands the audience’s attention.

The other projects which they are working on involve collaborating with other artists. Phinova and Anfisa are working on a remix of the song, “Anomaly.” The piece is collaboration with the Grammy nominee, singer/songwriter Jackie’s Boy.  The pair are also working on another track with the singer NUMERICA as well as collaborating with J Strong on a new Ep.

They found the union incredibly special and became internationally popular, earning respect in the electronic dance music world and rapidly acquiring a fan base.  Anfisa is the DJ and Phinova is a MC, they work well together and mix genres like dancehall, afro-pop and house. This pair are rising in popularity fast, they are a pair to follow and will make their mark known. Phinova holds the number one position for MC in China and in Asia he is number six. Anfisa is ranked 17 as one of the top DJ’s in Russia. The Cameroonian and international Mc Phinova are actually number 1 in China teamed up with the Russian DJ Anfisa (number 17 by top 100 Russian Djanemag) in 2015.

Phinova and Anfisa are a dynamic duo who is taking the world by storm. They have showed through example what they are capable of. They have a sold out tour in China, won the award from the best upcoming EDM artist in Asia. Phinova and Anfisa are also growing in popularity on their own terms as well. The pair has more tours planned and are working with a few other artists on other projects. These collaborations and the tours are sure to be hits with Phinova and Anfisa using their talents to produce it.

So, it’s not hard to see why we are presenting Phinova and Anfisa with the award for the best upcoming EDM artist in Asia for 2018.