Best Small Business of March 2017

There’s a new publishing company in town and it’s taking the industry by storm. We are proud to issue the award for best small business for March 2017 to 492 Publishing House.

492 Publishing House Inc has created a new niche for Authors.

492 Publishing House Inc has introduced all-inclusive packages and have managed to merge the line between traditional publishing and Self-Publishing by actually marketing their Authors product for 30 days to a market of close to 12.9M people via Skype newsroom interviews Skype cable & radio interviews writing contest book trailers editing and marketing all-inclusive to your package. No one has ever done this before and judging by the success of the award winning novel Death Of A Thug the very first to be published by 492 Publishing House Inc the formula works well! This is a company to keep on your radar in the near future. They say we need to elevate our standard and that’s exactly what it appears they are doing. They have raised the bar completely! Their Founder/CEO became the first Author in history to sell out a 3-day book release in Las Vegas, NV in June of 2016. Frustrated by his then self-Publishing companies efforts to support him. He started his own company for Authors by an Author. Knowing the perils young New Authors face. Koffi Hallman set out to create a company that addresses the needs of Authors First and provides solutions to those needs including editing, formatting, presentation and marketing, and peer recognition through writing contest. All this for one price! 492 Publishing House Inc has strong community ties including relationships with Fortune 500 Corporate sponsorship that give access to other Self-Publishing companies in an effort to bring them together. 492 Publishing House Inc has elevated the standards of Self-Publishing and we have taken notice! In just their first six months of operations. They have shown a talent for connecting with the community and at large audiences as well. This is truly a company we expect great things from in the future. If their start is any indication, We should hear from them in a major way in the years to come. If you are looking to publish a book and you are thinking of Self-Publishing, we Recommend before you do take a real good look at 492 Publishing House Inc where they truly live up to their moniker and actually Put Authors First.

492 Publishing House Inc
Putting Authors First!
You can contact them via the website