Best New Author Award July 2017

Author Koffi Hallman’s edge of your seat thriller Death of A Thug is an emotional roller coaster ride through life in the inner city.

It focuses on a phenomenal 2 sport athlete who has a motorcycle accident prior to the draft and is forced to move with his aunt into the inner city and is thrust into a world of drugs murder and a struggle for power that includes police corruption and betrayal.

This is a wonderfully written book that fully depicts the underbelly of society in a world few know truly exist. This was masterfully written as Koffi takes the reader by the hand and breaks down the gang and drug culture of California while treating us to a gritty tale that has twist and turns up until the last page.

Death of A Thug is truly destined to be an instant classic 414 pages aren’t nearly enough as once the action slows you immediately want more. The book has several sub plots that he masterfully weaves between throwing twist turns and curve balls the entire time. This book is engaging and action packed.

This is one to add to your Must-read list. This is the first novel from Koffi Hallman. If Death of a Thug is any indication of what his subsequent follow ups will be The Urban Fiction genre has a new contender for the crown.

Koffi Hallman’s bold in your face descriptive style makes no apologies and the action and story line grabs the reader’s attention from the very opening and it doesn’t release its grip until the last page this is clearly a book you can read over and over.

We give it 5 out of 5 Stars this will be one of the best books you read all year as he draws you into his world with his descriptive depictions. Death of A Thug is a fictional work based on true events. If this was something that he experienced personally than this young man has had a very interesting life indeed.

We look forward to more from him in the future. We highly recommended this book to anyone who loves a compelling story as Author Koffi Hallman give you one in spades. We highly recommend this book.

No matter what walk of life you’re from the way he breaks down the gang and drug culture is sure to provide an education as well as pure entertainment. If you consider yourself a reader This is a must add to your collection. It was enjoyable from start to finish. I believe you will love it as much as we did. That why he is our pick for Best Author for month of July. This is the second month he has made our list and we can say this may not be the last.

Death Of A Thug thoroughly establishes Author Koffi Hallman as an original and entertaining storyteller and as a gifted writer. Speaking from an entertainment standpoint, Death of A Thug is worth the price of admission. Readers will not be disappointed and delightfully entertained