Best Poetry Book Award for February 2019

There are many accomplished writers in this 21st century. One of those is Shavonda Robinson who has already published anthologies and magazines.

As a very versatile and purely talented author, Shavonda Robinson has gained immense popularity across the globe. She has won some poetry awards and even named as the most creative poet of the year in different poetry competitions in the country.

With her passion for writing, she does not only write relatable, engaging, and effective poems. She even established Creative Something for The Future. It is an online poetry magazine for aspiring poets and writers throughout the country. This provides talented authors to showcase their content. This also gives them the opportunity to develop their creativity and become the best poet they can be in the future.

At a young age, Shavonda Robinson has fallen in love with literature. She even finished a degree in Creative Writing.

Shavonda Robinson’s Thy Paintbrush of Abstracting Images is one reason why she has become a favorite author of many bookworms of all ages. From adult to young generations, people love her poetry so much.

As a collection of poems, the Thy Paintbrush of Abstracting Images takes every reader on a constant, engaging and visual journey. Despite the number of versatile poets, Shavonda has a unique and special place in every reader’s heart. What makes her popular is her talent to provide a persuasive point of view.

Shavonda’s avid fans consider her a poet with a super pen power. As you try to read every verse of her poem, you’d feel that interest to turn every page. You’lllately realize that your experience is about to end.

Every line is very imaginative and relatable. All the elements you look for as a reader are available. Not only will it ignite your imagination, but it will also develop your comprehension. As you reach the final page of the Thy Paintbrush OfAbstracting Images, it will give you many realizations.

Shavonda Robinson also wrote other poems. A few of them include:

  • Hidden Voices Of Abuse For Women All Around The World
  • Your Worst Nightmare
  • I Am A Free Woman Poems For A Little Girl
  • Moving Phrases Into Inspiration
  • Wear Your Purpose Like It’s A Fashion Statement
  • Poems Cries Out Beautiful Songs
  • A Women’s Strength Through Her Pen
  • World Of Issues
  • Playful Rhymes
  • Drowning Souls On The Mend, and a lot more

For those who crave for romantic poems, Shavonda’s top collections include Love Memories in the Rain, Love Scenes, Sailing Away On My Love Thoughts, Love Hour, and Love Corruption.

For those who enjoy poetry, Shavonda’s books will complete your collection. We believe you will love to indulge in reading them up to the maximum. That’s why she is our top pick for the Best Author for February. Start from her Thy Paintbrush Of Abstracting Images and know how she becomes an award-winning author of the century.

Shavonda lives in Nashville, Tennessee and has two beautiful children. You can check out some of the work done by Shavonda on Amazon today. This is why we presented her with the Best Poetry Book Award For Profound Voices Of Women Throughout The World and Best Author Award for the month of February 2019.