Bari Tarantino Announces Release date for New Project

For those who don’t know Bari Tarantino is an independent hip hop artist from Chicago,Illinois. He is known for his slick wordplay, creative lyricism , an pumping overall (well needed) dope music into the hip-hop game. After releasing his Ep titled “The Tarantino Effect” summer of 2014 Theres been a huge question mark over his fan’s head in regards to his next move and what his new project would be.

Well wonder no more because via twitter Bari announced that his next project will be a mixtape titled “Cement Jungle ” an will be released 3/12/2015. While there are no signs of cover art or leaks of songs there is definite sign of a project in the works which is all his fans ask for

Bari, has captured the imagination of rap fans across the country with his unique brand of verbal wizardry. Riding the success of his hit single “Play Your Cards Right” Tarantino has catapaulted to the upper echelon of Chicago’s hip hop scene with little promotion and without the benefit of radio airplay. Combining the lyrical precision of 90’s era heavyweights with the unbridled energy of today’s top selling artists, the self proclaimed “hippy” has become the envy of more experienced rappers with his meteoric rise.


A little less than a year after beginning his recording career, Tarantino has already been prominently featured on such sites as, and He is currently in the process of recording his debut mixtape “The Tarantino Effect”. After being forced to recently start a new Twitter page due to his previous page being hacked, Bari Tarantino soon found the 6,000 follower count he had originally boasted balloon to over 26k fans in less than three days. “Play Your Cards Right”, which had originally enjoyed a viewership in the triple digits, skyrocketed to 20k views in the same time period. When asked about this phenomenon, Tarantino took the success in stride, crediting the new found popularity to luck, a commitment to making quality music and old fashioned work.

“There is no substitute for preparation and plain hustle. I plan to be here for a minute, so get used to me.”

Bari Tarantino’s new project will be something to look out for seeing as how his old one projects were outstanding. Bari needs to really  work on is keeping true to his release dates. He says 3.12.15 but we will see.