Barack Obama – Wasn’t He A Good President?

Barack Obama’s presidential campaign is a great testament to black history and our most successful President. We applaud his intellect, strength of character, and resolute resolution, all of which show how far we have come as a people and the progress we have made as a nation. However, this does not erase the problem with the black community and some of the unspoken failures that are still being forced upon us.

I say this because I am tired of watching black people criticize our President, one of their own, for doing everything that they are doing right on their own, but getting nothing in return. These same black people have, by their own admission, been in the same situation they are trying to criticize our president for.

Why is it that those who accuse President Obama of having a “small brain” when he was forced to memorize a speech in front of a classroom full of toddlers are the same people who slandered our President Bush? Let me ask you a question. Why do we not have a shortage of grandchildren that are born with Down Syndrome?

These individuals, whose grandchildren were not born with Down Syndrome, would have been calling for more funding for the children that will be denied for medical treatment because there is a funding shortfall. In fact, if these people were honest, I’m sure they’d be asking for more funding for the children that were born with Down Syndrome. Now is that really a big deal?

This brings up another example of how our black community is blaming our President while they are stealing money from the coffers of our government and pouring it into their retirement fund. Let me ask you again, why do so many blacks think the current President of the United States is out of touch?

You see, as a black person, I love and respect black history. From my point of view, and with all due respect, Obama’s career has not lived up to the standard of my ancestors. I admire black people, because I was not born into wealth and privilege. I did not inherit it, nor did I “save” it.

It is also quite hypocritical to say that Barack Obama has not given black people what they deserve, when in reality we know that he has done more for black people than any other President in history. Does that mean we should reward him for this? No, and neither should you.

But if we are going to complain about the President’s shortcomings and criticize him for not giving us what we want, then do not complain when you see something that does not serve your best interests. The black community needs to stand up and call the President out for his shortcomings, but when it comes to the issues of our community, we should not be blaming our President when we don’t get our fair share of the pie. That is just plain hypocrisy.

You see, I’m sick and tired of black people taking advantage of President Obama’s accomplishments, like they did during the Bill Clinton years. Please, I will sit back and watch you all get sick and tired of calling the President a racist because he has not gotten everything that you want. Because if that were true, then I would agree that they had every right to get the cake that is not good enough for them.

But this is not the case, because I believe that if they had spent any money at all on their black communities, they would have found a way to take care of their black communities first. Instead, you see, they are constantly complaining about something they did not get.

Then they complain about the way that our black community is currently represented in our society. They complain about how black children are not being educated and can’t find jobs. And we wonder why our black youth are not deterred from committing crimes like they used to and are causing this country a large amount of pain and strife.