ASMR – What Is It?


The Autonomic Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR) is a common condition that can affect many people at some point. It can be hard to describe the sensation in words, but it is easy to determine whether you are suffering from it or not.

The first sign of ASMR is a tingling sensation in the hands and the feet, sometimes referred to as a “pins and needles” sensation. People who experience the sensations often describe the feeling as tingly or as if a sharp needle has been pushed through the skin. These symptoms may vary depending on the person experiencing them.

The Autonomic Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR) is described as a tapping sensation in the head and neck. It is not a physical sensation; instead it is a mental response. People describe the sensations as being akin to a tapping, buzzing or humming sound. There may also be a slight scratching or rubbing sensation in these areas. Sometimes, other people refer to the sensations as similar to that of someone gently running a finger through the hair.

A lot of people describe the Autonomic Sensory Meridian Response as a “high” feeling or as “a relaxed state of mind.” It is generally associated with feelings of stress, fatigue, anxiety, and even depression.

Some people who have experienced the sensation describe the sensation as similar to that of a tap on their skin. It can also feel as if something is rubbed across the scalp or as if they are being touched on the scalp. Other people describe the sensation as being similar to a slight tingle in the ears or as a feeling of heat. Others say that they have had some sort of a reaction when they have come in contact with specific objects.

People who have experienced the Autonomous Sensory Meridional Response believe that they have been triggered by certain situations. In some cases, they say they were affected when they were on vacation or were under extreme stress. The responses may also be triggered by certain sounds, tastes, or smells. There are even reports that say that they are triggered by certain objects. If you have ever watched an episode of “Fear Factor”, you know what ASMR can be caused by: certain scenes.

As the Autonomic Sensory Meridional Response is triggered, people often report feelings of stress, fatigue, depression, and a lack of sleep. In some cases, people report that the sensations are so bad that they have difficulty breathing.

The best advice is to first try to pinpoint the reason that the symptoms are happening. Once this is done, then seek help.