Are Long Distance Relationships Worthwhile

There has long since existed a stigma that maintaining a long-term relationship is not a good idea. The argument goes that this kind of relationship does not allow for enough bonding time, and when you don’t get to see one another in a long time, trust issues can develop, which can lead to negative emotions such as jealousy. Jealousy is an emotion that can strike even after a relationship ends, but you don’t want to be making your ex jealous. It is not worth the hassle that would come along with it.

Personally I believe that long distance relationships CAN be worthwhile, but only in 2 sets of circumstances:

Circumstance 1: Both people in the long-distance relationship are looking to focus most of their lives on something outside of a relationship, such as building their career or following a passion that they have. In this kind of situation, neither partner has that much time for the other since they are busy trying to do other things, and so living in separate locations makes a lot of sense. It gives them all the time they need to do their thing, but it also gives them one another’s company when they want it, either by meeting up or chatting on the phone.

Circumstance 2: There is a plan between the two people to eventually move to live together somewhere. In this case, the long distance aspect of the relationship is only a temporary set up, and sooner or later, when the time is right for both partners, they eventually plan to move close to one another, or move in with one another, so that they can allow their relationship to become like most healthy, close and loving relationships are.

It would have to be said that most couples who try out a long distance relationship struggle with it. You may do too, and then you might have to go through getting her back if you moved away. That can be very emotional and messy. I would insist that if you feel that you have found someone who you’d like to commit to long-term – someone who is truly compatible with you – then you should move close to them and give things a go. Or alternatively persuade the other person to move to your area, if you can manage to get them to do it.

Long term relationships are indeed a long shot, but they can work if both people really want them to. Where there is a will, there is most definitely a way – but the desire has to be there from BOTH parties.

This video can give you some tips on having a successful long-distance relationship: